Got a long memory — Brooklynian

Got a long memory

I was born almost 81 years ago in Brownsville near PS 174.

1930 Jan 5. First elementary school was PS 174. Lived in Brighton Beach. Attended Lincoln.

Mr Lapolla was principal PS 174. my father died 1936, we

lived on Snediker Ave , Newport St, Powell Avenue, Moved to Avenue X. before moving to Washington DC 1944.

Looking for people who might remember me.


  • What was the place like in the 30's?

  • Well, Jack, I hope you find your friends, but just to let you know, it seems like you have two people who are interested in your recollections and any photographs of Brownsville back in the Day. I'm guessing you're Jewish? Did you know any of the Shapiro brothers? How were the delicatessens? I understand there were still working farms around Brownsville, Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach until the 1970's? Washington, DC is included as well. I hope you're having a Happy holiday.

  • Being almost 81 turns me into a relic. I was born at Alabama Ave Livonia. Next door to the synagogue. The Brooklyn Deli's were superb...The candy stores were magical

    places that made every kid a king or queen.

    For a penny you almost owned the world.

    Almost everything or every place was in walking distance.

    Listening to Radio made you feel that you were in on a magic carpet.

    Because of the economy my family moved at least 10 times before I was 13.

    My father was a kosher butcher. During the depression he tried opening one shop after another with no success.

    We move from Brookly to Palisades Park NJ. Before I was three we moved to Brighton Beach where my father had his shop on Neptune Ave and Brighton 6th St.

    At the age of three I set fire to the apt we lived in at Neptune and Coney Island Avenue.

    By coincidence a fire destroyed my father's shop and we

    found another shop atNeptune Ave and 4th St next to Gellers

    Blacksmith Shop. With the depression at its height this effort failed and we ended up moving to 462 Williams Avenue

    Where we ended up on relief.

    My father ws ill he contracted Tuberculosis and died erev pesach 1936....We then moved to Newport St and Snediker near New Lots Avenue. Moved into cold water apt newly renovated at Snediker near Dumont Avenue.

    By 1938 we were living at Powel St. between Pitkin and Glenmore Ave.

    My Sister Married April 1941 and lived in Prospect Park.

    My Brother-in law was drafted in 1942. My nephew was born in 1943.

    In 1944 we moved to Wash, DC

    I entered the military in 1948. And never returned to

    Brooklyn except to visit.

    My work career, as a newsphotographer with United Press,a Industrial Photographer with Lockheed Missiles and Space,Public Relation Photographer with the US Dept of Agriculture,Public Information Officer with the US Dept of

    Energy. IN retirement I work for almost ten years with NBC WASH, DC....Living 40 years in Rockville MD moving to Bellingham WA almost 3 years ago......

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