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Pacific Oasis cafe Now open!

A Coffee shop with pastries and developing menu has opened on Pacific street, just east of Nostrand. The original owner was going to open up this place for the residents of the Pacific St. Lofts. and then passed it on to somebody else. They plan to offer soups. Go in and check it out. open at 7:30 in the a.m. I do not have all the details.


  • Was there today. Had roast beef/wasabi wrap. They have salads and sandwiches and paninis. Wifi and seating.

  • Been there a couple times already. Solid coffee, really nice staff. Excited to have them in the neighborhood.

  • Can't wait to swing by!

    Does anyone know their hours?

  • From 7:30 am to fiveish? Not sure on the closing.

  • The place is nice. And the owners are very friendly.

    They plan on adding outdoor seating in the front over the next few weeks. They are also looking to open another restaurant in the neighborhood, and even talked about possibly doing something with the vacant lot across the street from them. (They don't own it, but are thinking about possible uses of the space).

    There's lot's of other new stuff going on:

    In addition to the cafe, there's a new Senegalese restaurant that will be opening around the corner near the cafe, and the pet shop on St. John's has now opened a grooming salon.

  • They're open 7 am to 7 pm during the week, and a bit later in the morning on the weekends.

  • We just got word that they are going to be naming one of their pastries after us! Not sure yet which pastry, though.

    We found pictures of some of their treats on their FB page . Looks good!

  • Check out the Nostrand Park!! It costs $3.49 and is made from mango mousse. Unfortunately, by the time we dropped by, it was sold out. But we did have the strawberry shortcake shown above and it was quite good!

    The pastries are made in Brooklyn.

  • Omg! That is a gorgeous dessert!

  • Friendly staff, clean design, delicious desserts, wraps, salads, drinks and scrumptious coffee aroma.., what a lovely delight!

  • I just wish there weren't so many rough kids and random men standing around the place. I walked by today and the kids were wrestling and throwing each other on cars...made my bf change his mind about parking his car over there which made me sad :(

  • Oct 2013

    Pacific Oasis, 1297 Pacific Street, was not open for very long.

    Now, a place called Brookie Cookie is in the works for the location:

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