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pick up your dog poop

Hi, I know there is a lot of snow, but that is no excuse to not pick up after your dog. There seems to be dog poop everywhere!

I just had to vent after dodging poop all morning!


  • My favorite is when there's only 12" wide path cleared of snow and there's a turd right in the middle of that bottleneck. Excellent.

  • People seem to have a myth that the snow magically dissolves the poop or something.

    Or, maybe the poop is just more visible against a white background.

    Still gross, even when frozen

  • Agreed. There's definitely more than usual on some of my common routes. One of my theories is that the perps are too lazy or wear the wrong shoes for snow and then don't feel like stepping off the beaten path to pick it up.

    I'd like to add that I have a dog and picking up his crap is one of the easier parts of having a dog in the city so it really frustrates me to see it left all over.

  • I think these conditions are preferable for collecting poop, because you can grab a clump of snow along with it, creating a protective barrier that eliminates the risk arising from any unseen holes or tears in your plastic bag.

  • ^^^ the other nice thing, well, for me... is that feeling the warmth of hot poo just makes it a little more difficult to disconnect myself from the moment and the grossness of it all - in the winter, there's rapid cooling and gloves to act as a buffer from poo warmth.

  • We have the same problem in my neighborhood. Many people are just disgusting. They just don't care. They are the same people who let their dogs poop next to trees, and in the grass, where they usually leave it, but can't now because of the snow. I agree that it's probably more visible - not because of the white background, but because with all of the snow there are less places for it to be spread out in. I don't know how many time neighbors say to me, "You know, you're the only one I ever see do that..."as I'm bending over to pick up my dog's poop.

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