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The Fortunato Family of Park Slope

Hello all:

I'm researching a book that's set in 1950s Brooklyn and I'm wondering if anyone remembers or knows the Fortunato family. They lived at 436 Seventh Avenue. The father, Rocco, was a barber. His youngest son, James (Giacomo), was a member of the Tigers and was killed in an epic gang fight by a member of the South Brooklyn Boys, Anthony "Scrappy" Scarpati, in May of 1950. It happened in Prospect Park. A young Carmine Persico, who grew up to become a noted mobster, was there that day too.

If you remember Giacomo or his family, I'd love to hear from you. Likewise, if you remember the events of that fateful day, or knew Tigers like Alfredo Vento (who was also stabbed during the rumble) or Noona Taylor (or Noona's girl Millie), I'd love to hear from you. Or any of the South Brooklyn gang--please do share and I'll gratefully acknowledge you when the book is published. I want only to capture the spirit of Brooklyn back then and depict the characters as accurately as possible.

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