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Wonder why the liberals of San Francisco don't ban blue fin or Caspian sturgeon

As they want to banned Shark Fin soup.

same city didn't have a Asian Board of Supervisors until this year when some dude retired and gave the seat to some asian guy.

Same city who ignore asian population when it came to aids awareness funding, while giving it to every minority population but asians. who make up a quarter of the city.

hmmm I wonder why. Same city who ignore the racist beatings last year of asians at the hands of racist who happen to be black. yet they wouldn't call it that.


  • opps got details wrong, first mayor and some asian dude running the china town seat.

  • also forgot to mention affirmative action over there, and after the defeat by voters, they added other things trying to limit asian students.

  • SF is a poo-hole of nuts.

  • I'm bored enough at work to reply to some of the half-dozen or more statements you seem to be trying to make.

    Asians underrepresented in SF population and gov? I think the SF population is roughly 40% or so Asian, and I'm guessing there are many more than just Ed Lee in office.

    Shark fin soup may be an important cultural dish/ gesture of one's financial security, but it involves a wasteful form of animal harvest/ usage. As shark numbers are depleted, this 'custom' seems less than necessary, if not outright silly.

  • lol i don't care for shark fin, just the point of it. hey they might as well banned giant blue fin or Caspian caviar, but the point is they aren't.

    Traditionally sf schools been trying to limit the amount of asian kids in schools etc... to make it more diverse. but when it was majority white they consider it more diverse, but when alot more asians pass those test and went to the same schools, they no longer consider it diverse.

    point is sf has a history of discrimination against asians even liberal sf.

    last year asians getting beaten by gangs of black males who specifically target asians, the politicians made all sorts of excuses for why they have targeted only asians, but refuse to call it something racist.

    worst opponents for asians to get equal rights is other asians, who blame other asians not being white enough etc...

    Asians are doing what jewish guys did in the 30's and 40's at those same elite schools and top companies, when the same barrier were put up against them.

    but problem with asians today asians are their own worst enemies, who refuses to see white people can do no wrong!

    some of them think oh they didn't assimilate enough or didn't study hard enough etc.. tons of stupid shit.

    I'll stop eating shark fin soup when they banned blue fin and Caspian caviar. I didn't eat it before, but i'll sure to eat it now to piss people off.

  • people who do blue fin and Caspian caviar wouldn't like it and they probably have political power.

    groups who tend to target the easiest groups and have least amount of political power sucks ass.

    think of the whale wars, doubt they'll have the balls to pull the same thing against the nords. the Japanese have became pacifist and these white guys know that.

    I could tell you for a fact its easier for these whale war guys to go and find these guys in the north Atlantic than vs where the Japanese are doing it.

  • Sadly this won't be around for long, but its so good!!

  • Q: Why not restrict bluefin tuna and beluga caviar at the municipal level?

    A: Because this is being done at the national/international level.


    Beluga sturgeon were listed under the U.S. ESA [Endangered Species Act] in 2004, and imports of its products into the United States have been banned since 2005.


    Sturgeon for caviar are farm-raised now. Example:



    Bluefin tuna is closely monitored and stricter regulation of catching it will come into effect once the population reaches critical lows. Specifically, the Pacific bluefin tuna’s current classification is Vulnerable, which is the weakest level of Threatened. (Assuming that in San Francisco it is the Pacific species that is most prevalent in fish markets. Atlantic species is in worse shape and is closer to international protection.)



    Fishing for sharks is regulated in only a few countries and states. During the last fifty years fishing for shark has intensified. If this continues, some species will soon become protected in more jurisdictions.

    The reason for the actual bans in some areas is concern over the practice of finning. That is when the fin is cut from the live animal and the finless beast is thrown overboard to wallow and die. The U.S. currently does have a law banning the import of the fin without the rest of the beast. Is it effective in limiting the practice of finning? If so I do not understand why the need for the local law. Perhaps the dried sharkfin is eluding customs?

  • http://www.amazon.com/Bemka-com-Caspian-Imperial-Caviar-4-Ounce/dp/B001IHONT8/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1312830679&sr=8-7


    close enough :p. i could get some on amazon right now.

    A United Nations panel has lifted a ban on international trade in several types of caviar from the Caspian Sea, but still hasn't decided whether to permit exports of the highly prized — and hugely expensive — beluga variety, an official said Tuesday.

    The move by a U.N.-sponsored conservation organization means that Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan can legally sell limited amounts of the gourmet delicacy on the world market in 2007.

    Last year, the U.N. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, known as CITES, banned the global trade in most Caspian caviar — the processed eggs of the sturgeon — to help protect the endangered fish.

    Only Iran was allowed to export caviar from certain fish that are more abundant in its waters. The Web site of a Seattle caviar company offers one type of Iranian caviar for $2,960 per pound. Beluga caviar, still under a U.N. ban, can sell for $5,000 a pound or more, depending on taste and quality.


  • I think the answer is Whale and shark farms.

  • A year-old international ban on the export of beluga caviar, the most expensive and most endangered variety of the delicacy, harvested largely by Caspian Sea countries, has been lifted by the United Nations agency charged with controlling trade in endangered species.

    Rejecting marine scientists’ calls for a continuation of the ban, Willem Wijnstekers, the head of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, known as Cites, said that the five Caspian countries could export 3.7 tons in 2007, a 29 percent decrease from 2005 levels.


    hmm it says us bans it, I swear i seen it in the us before.

  • Oh, so the United Nations panel has lifted the caviar export ban from those countries. Is that for wild-caught or farm-raised?

    What do you think? Should fishermen be allowed to cut the fin from a live shark and dump the rest of the beast overboard to wallow and die?

  • hmmmm.... the link you provided says the export ban was lifted “except for the highly prized beluga variety"

  • death is death doesn't matter how a fish is killed.

    anyway when in doubt they probably sell it on ebay :p. they'll shipping internationally.


  • its like shooting a man because you hate him and lynching a man because you hate him and putting him in a gas chamber because you hate him. death is death.

    fishing is the same thing for fin or body meat is still dead fish.

    It would be like me complain oh you guys don't eat the heads of the fish or shrimps. but guess what they are dead .

  • Wasn’t there a ban on pâté in Chicago? That was because people found the practice of stuffing the bird until its liver grew really big (the traditional practice) to be inhumane.

    I know there is a lot of anti-French sentiment in the USA. (They are so effete, etc.) But is there a link?

  • America has the anti french tradition from the English.

    oh forgot about the blue fin, most prize blue fins are the giant blue fins from the atlantic, most people would try to eat that first!! its like first choice of tuna meats.

    its like kobe vs um i have no idea regular beef? lol.

  • from what i remember about the foie gras ban in chitown is that the ban has bee lifted.

  • Chicago's City Council repealed a controversial, two-year-old ban on foie gras, making it legal once again for the delicacy made from duck and goose liver to be sold at city restaurants.

    Mayor Richard Daley, who once called the ban "the silliest law the City Council has ever passed," chaired the session and prohibited any debate on the measure, which passed by a 37-6 vote on May 14.


  • for the record tuna steak is yummy. (should be banned)

    also I likes shark meat, when i was a kid we used to eat it all the time, before the industrialization and commercialization of shark fining, in the past like all chinese foods every part of a animal is eaten. (should be banned too :p)

    its not people don't eat shark meat, its cost too much to refrigerate and ship to a market who wouldn't pay that much for shark meat vs shark fin etc...

    not a fan of fish eggs(should be banned too)

  • Oh, lifted.

    But you do recognize that there are practices in many cultures whereby animals can only be slaughtered in prescribed methods? That these methods are arrived at by consensus, carried along by tradition, and that they address the unease which many people feel about killing.

    Also that there are laws about how and when wild animals can be killed and what procedures must be followed w/r/t every last thing about the hunting and fishing of them.

  • my point is it should be equal banning :p. kinda lame of them in sf and California went after a group that had racial policies against them since the state was born.

    still has in education and now shark fin.

  • I like that traditional Chinese ethic about eating the entire animal. It seems to me that is the least one can do to honor it.

  • if its about cruelty foie gras should be banned too :p. if its about endanger animals i already mention blue fin.

    those guys in sf i bet enjoy foi gras without batting a eye and tuna steak along with it wash down with some local wine.

  • theory is good about eating everything but i acquire American taste lol all those stomach and other parts are not tasty once you start thinking where they came from.

  • I am not partial to eyeballs — at all.

  • my thing about eating anything like intestines etc.. i prefer not to know :p. I just eat it and enjoy it. once i know. it sucks ass.

  • I think killing a shark for its fin is like killing an elephant for its tusk. I just find both practices horribly wasteful, ungrateful, unethical, and corrupt — and both should be banned.

    But I don’t feel like either ban is directed at an entire people because neither practice is traditional. To the contrary, traditionally, the entire animal is utilized.

  • A duck is used not only for its liver (the foie). It is also used for its breast meat and its legs and its feathers. Even the surplus fat (and it is very fatty) goes into the making of another spread called rillette and for cooking lard.

    So while it must not be pleasant to be made to eat so much as they are, it is not wasteful. So I don’t think its the same thing as the fin or the tusk.

  • Like I said death is death, both are for consuming. It's not as wasteful as you think. the creatures in the sea would consume the shark.

    like i said just banning shark fin and not the others is against logic and reasoning.

    cruelty would be same as foie gras

    not rare as giant blue fin nor fish eggs from Caspian sea.

    just banning shark fin is not fair and the jerks in sf and do some political things because asians are a easy targets and thats my problem, not the out right banning of shark fin. just those assholes over there are doing it. if they decided to do the banning of others. they'll have my support.

    but they aren't. they go after Asians just like in education with the diversity need less asians etc..

  • The death tautology is facile and in practice it is meaningless. Most cultures distinguish among deaths, some deaths being better than others.

    Apparently you wish to argue in favor of the practice of “finning,” claiming that there is no equivalent ban that affects other groups.

    I just don’t think that is true. I don’t know for sure but from what I have heard hunters can not kill a deer for its antlers and leave the rest of the animal. Wouldn’t that be equivalent?

  • mother fers ny state assembly are now trying to ban shark fin, duck liver and fish eggs need to go too other wise they are going after easy target.

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