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Looking at a place at 55th and 5th Ave - Thoughts?

Hey all,

First time poster here. My current sublease is up on 9/15 and I'm scrambling to find a room that I can afford. I responded to a Craigslist ad for a place in Sunset Park and I'm going to check it out tomorrow.

Had I known it was down at 55th street, I might not have sought it out. I've got no preconceived notions - just that most of my friends live in Prospect- or Crown Heights, Bed Stuy, Bushwick or Williamsburg. I ride a bike most everywhere, but with the winter coming on, a late night trip down to 53rd or 59th Street may be more than I'm bargaining for.

Anyone have any thoughts, pro vs con, about that particular area that might help me make an informed decision?

- sps


  • It depends on you and what you feel comfortable with. That is a pretty congested area with a lot of stores and foot traffic. Fifth Avenue in the 50s is not clean peaceful or pretty. I heard there are gangs and drug dealers occupying apts in that area one block away, on 4th Ave. I don't live in that area but I am not far. Personally, I would not want live around there. Go see the place, visit the block day and night, but keep your options open. Good luck.

  • I live on the corner of 5th and 51st and I would not agree with any of that. 51st is very pretty brownstones and treelined - I don't know what the buildings are like on 55th offhand but just the number shouldn't be a deterrent. During the days, especially on weekends, there is a lot of traffic - pedestrian and other but at night it's quiet. We have never had any trouble with gangs or violence on my corner that I've known of - I'm sure it can happen but I feel perfectly safe here. My neighbors are all very nice and there is a really great sense of community on my block.

    Going out to places like Williamsburg isn't the greatest because it is a really far commute - but definitely doable by bike. But I go out in Crown Heights or Park Slope regularly and those commutes are easy even late at night. 55th being closer to the 59th express stop is a good bonus for sure.

  • OK I am glad it is like that. All I know about 5th Ave and the 50s is what I have seen during the day which is a lot of people on the avenue.

  • I agree with Rosita's first post. I live a couple of blocks from 55th St. and it's a rough neighborhood crime-wise, but on the other hand you're near lots of stores and near the subway. I would think it's a long bike ride from the neighborhoods you mentioned but I would feel safer on a bike than just walking around late at night.

  • Coincidentally these stats were just released: http://www.dnainfo.com/crime-safety-report/brooklyn

  • Well Rosita & Walkathon, I live a block from the location mentioned - and have for over a decade - and cannot recognize my neighborhood from your nasty descriptions. I walk my dogs early & late & know my neighbors. 55th is a lovely block both east & west of 5th Avenue. I can see having second thoughts if you regularly bike to Billyburgh, but gee, just think what you will save on gym fees!

    PS There is a very nice Greenmarket on Saturdays at 60th & 4th AVE.

  • I agree with Rosita and Walkathon. The 50's especially on 4th avenue is filled with drug activity, and frankly, Much of 5th avenue in the evening gets sketchy, if you are a lone woman. There are all these little bars with drunk men who become very agressive sexually and will follow you. I have had that done to me. If I were you, FORM YOUR OWN OPINION and go to the 72 precinct on a random day off, its 4th avenue in the 20's and ask the community affairs desk for their opinion on that area.

    I will BET MONEY that their opinion is closer to Rosita's and Walkathon's . Still, don't take my bet, just go and ask and see for yourself

  • Are the police good people to ask about a community?

    I fear they see Society's worst on a daily basis, and never get to interact with people who are law abiding. They must spend all their time interacting with law breakers and/or victims of crime. They may provide a very negative view of an area as a result.

    For a view that is also biased (yet still based completely on real events), I would consult a real estate agent. They will tell you the neighborhood is wonderful, and mention the new businesses and things they believe will get you to buy or rent there.

  • I respectfully disagree Why Not

    Community affairs. NOT police, but officers that deal with issues affecting the community. If the neighborhood doesnt have major problems they will probably just as well tell you, not much goes on there the main concern is garbage removal, or loud parties etc. If its full of drugs then they will tell you that too.

    If that is too biased, then ask the bodega owners, the onese who don't look or act like their stores are fronts. cause I know SEVERAL bodegas around here that are fronts

  • I like talking to Bodega owners.

    I also try to talk to people doing their laundry. I find they give me the real story, and have time to tell me all about the neighborhoods.

  • sunset park is safer crime wise than crownheights or bedstuy etc... also in sunset park the higher in ave numbers you get it gets slightly safer, and the lower you get in ave gets a bit more sketchy and industrial and lonely etc...

  • armchair_warrior said:

    sunset park is safer crime wise than crownheights or bedstuy etc... also in sunset park the higher in ave numbers you get it gets slightly safer.

    I know, that is why my broke pre-licensed self moved here instead of Crown Heights. I was a victim of several major crimes, so I m extremely aware of safety levels. Now that I have my license, I can go for full time jobs where I get more income CHA CHING. So soon, I will move to Park Slope, Carrol Gardens or the Chinatown part of Sunset Park. I love this town, but not my particular area.

  • if you guys want safety and not worry about crime and super cheap rents :p. move into my hood still very cheap and safe.

    bensonhurst- drawback is way too far into brooklyn(where i live gravesend :p but close enough)

    kengsington- not that far into brooklyn but rent rates are a bit more.

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