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Amazing Harlequin the Cat for Adoption! - So Handsome

One morning I was walking to work and I saw a long black "tail" that I thought might be a hair extension that fell off. I stopped and looked again and realized it was too fuzzy for that. As I walked back and took a second look I realized it was a cat's tail. There was a cat tucked in the tiny crack between 2 buildings where they didn't quite meet up perfectly. I was in a rush for work and thought I really can't stop right now, so off I went to work, hoping I would see the cat when I got home. When I got home I walked back to the spot and looked for the cat, and he was still there! Scared to death, hungry as heck. I brought him food and grabbed a carrier and with very little encouragement got him into the carrier and home with the food. That cat was Harly, the Harlequin.

Harley has since been neutered, tested negative for fiv/leuk, is up-to-date on his shots, and does well with cats and dogs. He is litter-trained and loves to play. He is still a young man and I find playing with him with the feline flyer is a great way of using up his energy (see video). He is a wonderful boy who will continue to bloom and grow into a calm man as he is given love, affection and a home in which he feels safe and secure.

If you would like to meet this beautiful, amazing boy, please contact Claire, EMAIL or call eves/weekends at 718-455-5711.

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