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Woody - Amazing Cat - Look No Further!

Woody is a black and white male who is so loving that even rescue people whove met zillions of cats have fallen in love with him! He is just so friendly, affectionate and trusting. Woody makes funny sounds upon seeing you and head butts you the moment you are near him. He can not believe he was ever on the street as he is just the biggest lover you will ever meet.

Woody was rescued from an area of Borough Park, Brooklyn where cats are poisoned. We were able to rescue him and 3 other cats before a bad fate befell them. Woody has been spayed/neutered and has all his shots. Now he needs a permanent home. Woody is FIV+ but that is no longer considered a big problem FIV cats live long and healthy lives (well be happy to talk to you more about this!) as long as they are kept indoors and fed good healthy food and given love.

If you would like to meet this wonderful boy, please contact Claire weekends/eves at 718-455-5711 or Email roclaire@earthlink.net

Woody can't wait to meet you!!

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