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Rest In Peace Ben.

As we posted before we found a pitbull puppy abandoned and tied to a fence in Brooklyn:

imageimageThis cutie was found in a park near my house tied to a fence for hours with no food or water, abandoned.  He was nervous and barking for his life when we found him. We brought him some milk bone treats and water.  He ate, then drank the entire bottle of water. Turned out to be a big sweetheart!  He was available for adoption for the last week:  Animal ID A911220 at the Brooklyn Animal Shelter.

He was trained and actually listened. Looking back at the pics we took, he really was a puppy, which we couldn't tell at the time. A beautiful pitbull pup that was abandoned mistreated by humans who don't care. How can someone tie a dog up to a fence (on a VERY short leash) and just walk away? This breed of dog is misunderstood and popular for it's image. They are strong, powerful dogs who need someone who is comfortable training and has patience, but they are incredibly loyal and loving.

As he was dropped off at the shelter (thanks to the help of Laurie from Brooklyn Foster Network), two men offered to meet us around the corner and pay cash for him. They were open about their plan to breed him for money. I don't think turning him into the fight dog people would have been good for him. He deserved a caring home with a family not to be fought until he was killed or to help breed more pitbulls to be put to sleep.

It's sad to see that he's been put to sleep.

On our end of things we put out the word to as many people as we can and we also contacted several no kill foster agencies in the area that had no room and could not take him.

I'm interested in hearing any suggestions as to what else could have been done to save him.

Rest In Peace.


  • That's devastating to learn. The only option I can think of was finding him a foster home, but that's not much easier than a permanent one, and I would imagine the no-kill shelters would have tried to help with that if they couldn't keep him themselves.

    I wish there were an easy answer. Too many homeless animals, not enough people to love them, even fewer resources to care for them until a home can be found.

    I have a rescue pup (never had any other kind), and when I can afford another, I plan to get one. I truly wish it could have been this beautiful boy with his loving eyes.

  • That is really sad news. Pits are one of the most loyal breeds around. I wish more people appreciated their beauty.

    Thanks for trying...

  • My suggestion to anyone who sees a dog tied to a fence is as follows. If you cannot personally take the dog to your home or to the home of someone else, where they will be safe , just leave them there. Buy some food and water for them and make sure they can lay down and walk away. Make calls to no kill shelters and rescue groups letting them know about the dog. Call friends and ask if they can house the dog for even a few days while you post on facebook, put up signs, make more calls and look for better placement. At least if you leave him there he has the chance to be seen by someone with a big heart who may be able to house him. Turning an animal into the ACC almost ALWAYS ends in death. They are not allowed to say they kill for space but they do EVERY SINGLE DAY!! They do nothing to promote adoptions and plenty animals there never make it to the adoption floor. I have not gotten word yet that poor Ben is indeed gone and I continue to work my ass off to find a foster for him. I will post as soon as I know anything.

  • It's too late now for this dog, but it might have been better to contact a specialized rescue group like:

    Pit Bull Rescue Central

    The outcome may not have changed however. Many people like the idea of one of the dominant breeds, like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, but find that their landlord/condo/coop and insurance carrier don't share their enthusiasm.

    If you are going to get a dog, don't do it on impulse, plan ahead. You need to make sure that your home will be a forever home for the dog. I don't imagine the workers at the Center for Animal Care and Control like killing healthy animals, however they are required by the city to accept all animals brought in for surrender. They can't be a no kill shelter.

  • Though he was not dead when owler posted his rip, Ben is gone now. You never do any animal a favor by bringing them to the ACC.

  • Actually there is more to the story of when we found him. When we came across Ben he was actually already found by another couple who rushed off to get the animal rescue group, when I appeared on the scene my main goal was to calm the dog down and had not gotten to the point of exactly figuring out what to do when the couple who originally found him arrived with the woman from the animal rescue organization. The couple was asked if they could help and they stated how they were leaving in a couple of hours to Europe she then turned to us and asked if we could help and I said yes, all the while on the phone with no kill shelters in the area I had no idea we were bringing Ben to a kill shelter and upon learning that we were in fact bringing him there I was told by the animal rescue organization that they would attempt to pull the dog once he had been spayed. It was until afterward that we saw he wasnt being pulled and when calling to follow up with the organization that we were informed that he would not be pulled until a foster home was put in place. Two days later he is gone. And I can not explain how horrible it feels that we could not take him. From now on I will only help the strays I find myself and go on my instinct.

  • I also do not blame the animal orginzation or anyone else involved even the people who put him down. The truth of the matter is that this a beautiful breed of loyal loving dog that is being exploited and over bred leading to poor animals like Ben being put down everyday. Spaying and neutering as well as abolishing overbreeding these dogs is the only way to put a stop to it. I know he would have made someone a great dog if given the chance.

  • If you were told by the rescue person that they would pull Ben after he was neutered, she lied to you. Any rescue group knows that the ACC only spays / neuters after they are rescued or adopted. Even then you need to bring them back in to have it done. The animals always come down with kennel cough and surgery cannot be done till they are well. Any rescue person also knows that the ACC IS A KILL SHELTER!! Laurie never mentioned this to you at all? Why were you not able to take him even if only for a few days? Why did you never mention this other couple before? The story just keeps changing. You also said that you volunteered at Brooklyn Foster Network while Ben was dropped off. Who took him. You said Laurie did but shelter contacts said a guy brought him in. Ben spent one week at the shelter. In that time I posted almost daily here . I will never know what the real story was but I do know that Ben is dead now. Any real rescue person would have put Ben in boarding while they looked for placement. This whole thing was a mess from the start. The next time you come across a dog tied to a fence, do him a favor and leave him there.

  • This is heartbreaking.

    I agree with Brit Princess, why would a person with a rescue group say she would pull him after he was neutered? ACC would never expend resources to neuter an animal that may not have an adoption. This rescue person makes zero sense. Very few animals make it out of ACC alive, and an experienced rescuer should be expected to know that. I am so sad that this dog is dead. He would probably still be alive if he were still tied to the fence.

  • Brit Princess.

    Laurie never mentioned what? I'm unclear as to what you are referring to?

    If you are referring to being told that he would be pulled after being spayed yes that was told to me and it's more then abundantly clear that that was not true now that Ben has been put down.

    Your pointless blame game is very unappreciated at this moment considering that I was one of the last persons to see Ben alive but why not kick someone when they are down, you are only speaking to a computer right and not someone with real actual human feelings. And yes I am the "Guy" who dropped him off and at this point I was quite attached to him and would have gladly taken him if I could house a 57 pound puppy but with my three alley cats and my 1bdrm apt that was not an option. Why did YOU not take Ben? Probably for the same reason no one adopted him in time, because he was one of the hundreds of pitbulls being put into shelters everyday with no room in homes for them to be adopted into. That's the problem in the first place why would someone abandon a 57 pund puppy in the park, because they irresponsibly did not want to take the time to train nor handle finding him a new home for such a large dog and thought it was easier to ditch him in the park to eventually yes end up in a mess and get whisked off to a shelter to be put down.

    Also the women who volunteered at the Brooklyn Foster Network was my wife she was holding Lauries spot while she drove me to the shelter to drop him off. Hope that is enough explanation for your so called detective work.

    Several people where attempting to find him a home

    My wife and I did massive amounts of effort to get him adopted, so you tell me, how selfish of you to think you were the only one working to get him into a home before he was put down.

    What is you're point of going back and trying to say you should have did this and that when the problem was not what was already done but actually what needed to be done to have gotten Ben out of the shelter. We could sit here all day and go back and say you should have done this or should have done that but that won't bring Ben back, I won't blame anyone except the stigma that is surrounding these animals and those who are selfishly overbreeding this particular breed of dog.

    Also I will no longer consider anyone who self proclaims themselves a "REAL RESCUE PERSON" authentic because chances are if no one intervened with my getting him slowly calmed down and finally relaxed it might have saved his life. I was a dog walker for over three years, so I've had my fair share of experience with dogs and have found and returned many stray cats and dogs but I still do not go around calling myself a "rescuer."

    This time I was at fault for letting these so called "Professionals" take over.

    I will always help animals no matter how much you would have liked for me to have left him tied to a fence because that is what I naturally do when I see someone suffering. I will though think twice when someone else tries to intervene.

  • You do what you can, and you cannot rescue all he animals. It is preferable to take an animal to the ACC than to leave him tied up to a pole!!!! The two a**holes who wanted to breed him and perpetuate the pet overpopulation problem, could be the same people who could "rescue" him from the street.

    The ACC is not perfect, but a humane death is preferable to a death on the street. Also, rescue organizations choose animals from the ACC, where they can determine who has the best chance of being adopted. The ACC does a preliminary evaluation of health and temperament. This works better for rescue organizations rather than having random dogs dumped on them.

  • Thanks Tsarina for helping to put this sad event into perspective, I know I tried to do the right thing.

    This event has actually inspired me to reach out to a friend I have in Detroit, I will actually be in touch with him about what efforts can be made to help start a non for profit in Detroit for rescuing dogs like Ben. I will not just let his death go without meaning.

    Rest In Peace.

  • I was asking why Laurie never mentioned to you that the ACC is a kill shelter. You said you had no idea. I don't consider Laurie a professional after the way she handled this. Also your first post said you volunteered now it was your wife. You state you tried to help him get placed. Did you ever even check urgent part 2 on Facebook? This is where every dog that comes into the ACC is networked in an effort to get them out. Your first hand account of Ben could have gone a long way in helping others to know something about him. Yet, you said nothing.. How might it have saved his life if no one intervened? Would you have done something differently? You asked why I did not take him myself. I had no more room for him here. I am full. I have done my part in homing ACC dogs and cats. At present time I am out 4k per month because I have given two apartments in my brownstone to the animals instead of re-renting them out. I take very good care of them and I love them very much. I don't run around calling myself a rescuer either. I do what I can. I do know that I would never turn an animal over to the ACC. I know I have been harsh and while I do not intend to kick you while you are down, your lack of general common sense is astounding. How do you know that he was not lost and someone tied him so he would not get run over? I mean ,you must have seen other post here about found animals. It usually goes, " hey, I found this animal. I put up signs, posted online and so on" . Not hey! "Guess what I did? I found a dog and took him to the kill shelter." See the difference? I spend hours every day trying to save innocent animals from death row. Sometimes you get a happy ending , most of the time you cry yourself to sleep as you can never save them all. I hate the way things ended for Ben. Any anger directed at you is because in this case, I can attach a person to the dog. Normally there is no connection. We just see the animal after they have been dumped and try to save them.

  • Wow Brit Princess I actually think that it is you who is astounding. I guess you need me to explain further...

    Ok so once again as I said in my above response "all the while on the phone with no kill shelters in the area I had no idea we were bringing Ben to a kill shelter and upon learning that we were in fact bringing him there I was told by the animal rescue organization that they would attempt to pull the dog once he had been spayed" and "If you are referring to being told that he would be pulled after being spayed yes that was told to me and it's more then abundantly clear that that was not true now that Ben has been put down."

    I guess I lack YOUR IDEA of common sense, but also it's very easy for you to make judgment calls in hindsight from the comfort of your home behind a computer, I was actually riding my bike to Sunset park on my way to meet people when I saw a dog obviously freaking out because he had been tied up for hours, this was further confirmed when I saw a women coming out from her home in front of the park to walk her dog and I asked, "how long has that dog been there, since obviously he's been abandoned?" she upon realizing the dog was abandoned looked at me with a face of horror on her face and said "Oh-no, I've heard that dog out here for hours."

    I also spoke to the deli person where I bought the dog treats and water from and he also confirmed that the dog had been there for hours, no one wanted to go near him because he was a pitbull and very large and barking his head off and had torn the grass all around him from stuggling and strangling himself with his inside-out choke collar which had cause him to have several bleeding wounds on his neck.

    About your rational of putting up lost dog posters well wouldn't that also make sense the other way around shouldn't I have seen missing dog posters, I did not see one single missing dog poster in the area at all. I also would not suspect to see one since the dog was tied up and left alone in the middle of the park.

    We made our own facebook pages and contacted people all around the nation through it, we emailed and we reached out and we had people even willing to drive Ben as far as Chicago but we could not find a foster home. I find it ironic that you seem to believe you where the only one putting forth the effort to help him when I was actually the one to find him and had to deal with actually seeing his puppy face and realizing that he was just a big oversized puppy before his being taken away from me. Do you want photos? Would that make you happy? Because I have those as well...

    I unfortunately do not see the point in needlessly reconfirming for you that the dog was abandoned and in a terrible situation so you can feel better about your statement that the dog should have been left alone because that is exactly what led to him being there all morning. Everyone saying it's not my problem and walking by while a dog dehydrated and suffered. Anyway you seem to have all your priorities in order. Good luck with your animals, I will definitely not be taking advice from anyone except myself from now on.

  • Also it's this paragraph that you wrote here:

    "I spend hours every day trying to save innocent animals from death row. Sometimes you get a happy ending , most of the time you cry yourself to sleep as you can never save them all. I hate the way things ended for Ben. Any anger directed at you is because in this case, I can attach a person to the dog. Normally there is no connection. We just see the animal after they have been dumped and try to save them"

    That leads me to suspect that you might actually have have some sort of connection to these so called "rescuers" that wanted to help me and landed Ben in the shelter in the first place, which makes me not wish to continue this discussion.

    Best to you in your efforts to further help animals.

  • Instead of placing a huge amount of blame and accusations on someone who was trying to help, efforts should be made to educate for future situations. Unless one is rather familiar with the exact rescuing process in this city a lot could be done with the goal of helping an animal when it would in fact hurt them.

    I have fostered for a few organizations, but I certainly did not know about urgent part 2 for example.

    I do not know Laurie personally, but she does not have a good reputation. I believe her group had it's funding from the Mayors Alliance removed at one point a while ago.

    This was a horrible thing that happened. I don't think anyone disagrees with that. I just can't see that hounding owler relentlessly about the minute details of the drop-off is helpful to anyone. From the point of view of someone who has been reading these exchanges since the inception of the posting, it appears that pieces have been said.

  • No owler, I do not have a connection to the so called "rescuers " that tried to help you. Urgent part 2 is not a single rescue group. It isasite where 501c3 rescue groups, fosters, adopters and anyone who wants to help do just that. Look, I'm sorry I have been mean to you. I am venting. I never thought you wanted Ben to die. I hope that you will check out the site. It really is amazing how it can all come together to save a dogs life. Sometimes someone from another state will fall in love with a dog and drive or fly to NY to adopt outright. Other times transport is arranged. Money is raised for vet care and boarding if needed. I read in one of your post that you wanted to start something with a friend. I think you may find people on this site that can help you. This Facebook site has placed thousands of dogs throughout the country. Again I am sorry if my grief caused me to bite your head off. TRUCE?

  • I don't fully blame Laurie either, like I said when I happened to come across the dog I was in the middle of just trying to see if he was friendly and or could be removed from the fence I had not even gotten to the point of taking him off of the fence when a van pulled over and Laurie and the couple that had found him earlier and had gone to get help came out of the van.

    Immediately Laurie said she was in control of the situation and I saw the van saw the couple and figure well thank god he's gonna be ok.

    Then when Laurie asked if the couple could foster the dog and they said that they could not and were actually leaving to Europe in a couple of hours she turned to me and my wife said are you free to help and I said Yes.

    After that we brought my wife back to the school on 7th ave where the animal rescue group set up with the animals that they are trying to get adopted, we were greeted by a barrage of overly active cute pitbulls and awkwardly shy older dogs, and plenty of cats.

    Laurie seemed very professional and at this point she took out Ben from the van and said she was Temper testing him to see if he would even be adoptable. Being as this was only ten to twenty mins after his being tied to a fence for hours I don't think that he was in the most relaxed state but like I said this is all in hindsight.

    I then went into the school to get Ben some water simultaneously on my phone receiving the bad news that non of the no kill shelters where willing to take him in just off the street. This was my introduction to how those shelters intake their animals. I assumed all strays were the same. Guess not.

    After coming out with water for Ben, I was told my wife would hold Lauries place at the adoption area while her and I went to drop off Ben at the shelter all the while being assured that he would be pulled in a few days.

    In response to tateinbk I am truly exhausted from having to continually explain this incredibly shitty experience but I can see why it's hard to understand why such a obviously perfectly healthy dog with no major problems could not be adopted or saved. If I had known that he would have actually been put down I would have never knowingly brought him there. I just assumed that they knew what they were doing but at the same time I can't blame anyone, it's just a really sad thing to have happened and I know Brit P. means well when she is just expressing how angry she is at the situation, I truly meant well when I found Ben and wanted to help him. Laurie means well when she helps animals and the shelter means well when they have to put these poor animals down. It's just a terrible thing, what happened to this poor dog.

    It's just a really shitty situation with what has been going on with this breed of dog right now. Look at the shelters site and it's all pitbulls waiting to be put to sleep.

    I really wish that this guy had gotten a chance and I only originally posted this on the Brooklynite forum to seek help and or if he was possibly lost in some far off chance his original owner would see this.

    I don't know what else to say. My eyes have been opened to the sad problem we have in this city with dogs and cats with not enough caring homes. Also I will never bring another animal to the shelter again.

    Yea Brit P. No hard feelings. I can be a dick I apologize. I know you were only trying to help.

  • Thank you Brit P. I know you were only trying to help. Thank you for your efforts with saving animals.

  • The AC&C is notorious for killing pit-bulls. The only other thing you could have done is cal the ASPCA and wait with the dog until they turn up. Unfortunately this could be 8+hours of waiting but then he has a chance of getting into the A, unless they decide to dump him at the AC&C which they do. There are few guarantees unless you try to adopt him our yourself or secure a no-kill shelter placement.

  • MOD NOTE: I'm taking down this post as it responds to a troll posting that has been removed from the site

  • Britney, you seem to have fallen for the troll.

    We are in a period where you need to closely watch the post count and the join date.

  • I guess I did. I am still grieving the loss of Ben. I did not need to see that comment , no matter who posted it.

  • The sad reality is that there was very little that could have been done differently. We are in a time a great economic hardship - far harder than most of the listers here realize. Resources are limited & in animal rescue traige is the basic principal. NYC and surroundings are awash in pit-types. Most are sweet loyal dogs, but there are aspects of the breed/canine type that make then iffy to have in large numbers. You can go from two beagles to four beagles in a household & there is usually no basic problem. The same does not apply to pit types. And what is a city-run shelter like ACC supposed to do with 200 pits? The young ones are often too much dog, too big & too strong, for the average pet owner. The older ones - well older dogs are harder to place in any time, not a cute, maybe have some scars, etc. What do you do with 200 ill-trained, noisy, bumptious dogs that no one wants to adopt? There is no magic farm in the country. There is no super-duper shelter that places all its dogs all the time & always has room for more. did you get the memo - we're in really bad times.

    Do not blame one person who tried to do the right thing. By dumping on her, you're just cursing the darkness, not trying to light a candle.

  • Salix said:

    There is no magic farm in the country. There is no super-duper shelter that places all its dogs all the time & always has room for more.

    Almost, but it's in California.

    Villalobos Rescue Center

    But they certainly aren't able to find homes for them anywhere near as fast and often as they are called for new rescues.

  • Thank you ,owler. I know you tried to help Ben also. There were many lessons learned from this tragic story. I am just heartbroken that Ben lost his young life. I will always remember him and I know you will too. I will keep the pictures you posted of him as they are much cuter than what the ACC took. Please keep helping animals in need. There are so many, they need every person they can get, to be on their side.

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