Fireworks show near Statue of Liberty/Redhook?? — Brooklynian

Fireworks show near Statue of Liberty/Redhook??

I live in Greenwood Heights around 28th and 3rd avenue and down the way by the harbor there's randomly fireworks being set off. It's a professional operation (you can tell by the quality of the fireworks) but I have no idea who's doing it, or what organization. I'm not sure if it's coming from near IKEA in Redhook or even in Jersey...hoping someone knows more.


  • Saw this tweet earlier this morning from the Downtown Alliance (@DowntownNYC) account:

    Look to the skies Tonight! NY Harbor fireworks at 7:30PM south of Ellis Island; hosted by the National Parks Conservation Assocition

  • That clears it up, thanks! =DB

  • I think it is for the Yankees game.

  • There was a gala this evening on Liberty island. I think it was the culmination of that. I was at a different event on Governor's Island and got to see them up close. It was great!

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