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Sweet Jane the Purring Machine

Sweet sweet Jane, the Purring machine!!! We love her! She is so sweet, so great with other animals, stands up for herself and gets along with everyone. In the video you can even see my dog got in my lap while she was in my lap and she didn't even care. Jane adores humans, loves petting and she just likes to purr away.

I met Jane on the street a few weeks before she walked into my house. I knew she was hanging out down the street and I asked the neighbor where she had been hanging out if she was his. He said they put her outside "since they found her outside anyway". So Jane got to be inside briefly and then was put out on the street. I knew she deserved better and that she must be hungry out there so I kept food at my house. One day as I was leaving I opened the door and there she was and she just ran right into the house. Knowing she wasn't wanted by the other family, I took her in to find her a great home.

I have had Jane tested for fiv/leuk (she is neg) , spayed, microchipped, she is now up-to-date on her shots and ready for a forever home.

If you would like to meet this wonderful girl, please EMAIL Claire at roclaire@earthlink.net or call at night and on weekends 718-455-5711.

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