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Meet Dougie - Amazing Rescued Cat - 3 Years - Grey/White

Dougie is a wonderful little boy that was originally rescued from an auto garage in Park Slope. Someone had abandoned him at 8 weeks old under a parked car. He was soon adopted by a family in Kensington. Unfortunately this family is moving into an apartment that does not allow cats so sadly he is coming back into our care. The family adored him but unfortunately can no longer keep him. We are currently looking for a new forever home (or temporary foster home) for this loving little boy.

Dougie is about 3 years old now and got an A+ check up at the vet. He loves other cats and will do well in a home with other animals. Dougie enjoys the quiet life, snuggles while sitting next to you on the couch and loves to roll around by you while you are in the bed. His favorite spot is lounging on his kitty condo. He also loves snoozing on a warm belly. Doug can be shy at times so a loving and patient home would be the best place for him. We think that he would thrive in a children free home since he enjoys having his quiet time. He is an incredibly sweet cat that always brings a smile to our face. If you want a true blue companion look no further!

Dougie also enjoys a good roll in the catnip and can't get enough of running around the apartment chasing after a laser pointer! He is fully vetted and up to date on his vaccines.

If you are interested in finding out more about this wonderful little boy please contact Donna at 917-691-9466 or Thanks for thinking of a rescued cat! Dougie has brought so much joy into our lives, he will do the same for you.

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