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Crime in the low 30s? Thoughts before buying a home

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum...but I'm joining because we are seriously thinking of moving to the area. We currently are renters in South Brooklyn (or, as real estate agents are likely to call it, "Carroll Gardens West (?!?) ) While we do like it here, and like the weird feeling of being in the "lost" side of the BQE, our family is growing (literally--our son is 1 1/2 going on 10), and we have been interested in buying for a while. We really cannot afford anything right-sized in this area, and besides that, while we love the Italian grocers (umm, namely Caputos), the area has become increasingly twee and expensive in the last few years, which is ok, but, well, meh.

My partner is an avid runner and in his runs throughout the city, fell in love with sunset park (and he's also brought me over to his view). Since we are parents, we did some research on schools and are attracted obviously to ps 172. While we love the homes on the other side of Sunset Park, they are not zoned for 172. Essentially, you have to live in the lower 30s and maybe the upper 20s to be rightly zoned for 172.

We are looking at a couple sweet places in the low 30s by the cemetery, but I'm unclear about crime in the area. I looked at the crime stats page for the precinct and they are actually pretty horrible, but the actual precinct zone is expansive towards the other side of the gowanus. I have never had the feeling, while there, that it was so "scary"--as in worse than Crown Heights, Bushwick, etc. In fact, I'm sort of shocked by that. Am I reading this wrong? Is there another site to check out?

In any case, does anyone live around this specific area, and if so, would you mind commenting on safety in the area? Many thanks for any help!

-TMM (perhaps your neighbor in the near future)


  • Ahh, never mind, I did read that wrong. Crown Heights does appear to be marginally worse in regard to violent crime. I think I honestly opened too many windows at once. I still however would love to hear what people think that live in the neighb.

  • I'm in the 20's, but regularly walk into SSP via 5th Ave and 4th Aves at all times of day and into the evenings (before midnight) and have never had any issues. Overall crime is this part of the 72nd Pct. is low, especially as you go further north. If you want more specific info, contact Community Board 7 at 718-854-0003 and see what they can give you.

    Been in the neighborhood (Greenwood Hts, which if you are below 36th st, yer in :) )since 2004, would not live anyplace else in Bklyn.

  • I can't speak specifically of crime stats, but the stretch of 5th ave. from 25th - 36th can be very creepy at night. Never had any problems myself, though.

    I'd at least come down to the hood at night and see how it feels. The cemetery kind of dead-ends the neighborhood right there giving it an abandoned warehouse district vibe.

    Once the cemetery ends at 25th the neighborhood opens up quite nicely. Never ever felt unsafe from 24th on down to the slope.

  • Wondering if anyone else has further thoughts on the safety of 5th avenue across from Greenwood Cemetery from 25th down to 36th... What do you think the walk to that area from either the 25th or 36th St train stations would be like? Thanks in advance. Ryan.

  • I should add that I've done the walk over the past month, but am curious how things will change once the weather warms up and school is out.

  • 1)The 72nd Precinct covers a massive area so those stats don't tell the whole story.

    2)There is a big difference between Greenwood Heights and Sunset Park; I feel safe in both but last summer with the groping incidents it was felt that the 72nd was concentrating more of its efforts south of 36th street and left the 'creepy' areas near the Cemetary more vulnerable.

    3)Your original post was hard to understand due to phrases such as "this side" and "other side." Landmarks help.

    4)You might read generic statements about greater Sunset Park with regards to immigrants and other quality-of-life issues which should not be regarded as anything near scientific; truth is that owner-occupancy is high on the brownstone-lined streets (below 36th) and those types of comments are inherently classist (and somewhat racist) in nature, not based on numbers or facts.

    5)that 'creepy area' on 5th between 25th and 36th is starting to add a lot of business; there's something called "Baked in Brooklyn" and the little broken-down gazebo on the corner of 25th is being turned into a visitors center for the cemetery; still, it's desolate because it's the border of a freaking cemetery and I don't see that exact stretch of 5th becoming a hoppin' place no matter what they build on the West side of the street.

    6)I lived in the heart of Park Slope for years and felt much more vulnerable to robbery; people actually know their neighbors in both Greenwood and Sunset.

    7)Keep us posted.

  • That area scares the bejesus out of me after dark.

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