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cablevision internet service extremely slow @ Park and Franklin

Hi is anyone else experiencing this ? I cannot get any work done. Its been like this for a least 2 days. Thanks


  • We're having a lot of difficulty with internet completely dropping out. Jobs my husband is trying to do getting cut off and Netflix has to be re-booted continually.

  • Cablevision has been cutting out on me entirely during late nights, i.e. from 2am-5am. It's highly annoying, but in the light of day I keep forgetting to call and complain.

  • we too have been having problems lately, especially trying to open yahoo and netflix :(

  • call, complain, make them come out and fix it, and then when it's fixed, call custserv and ask for credit for the time your service was either out or inadequate. the problems have been neighborhood-wide and they won't get fixed, cables won't get upgraded and you won't get what you're paying for unless we're persistent.

    and when the f--- is fios coming to give them some competition? verizon has been promising it here for years.

  • Yeah, service sucks here at Sterling and Franklin. Called, transferred to Tech, got hung up on. Called again, but they can only show up when I work and I can't rush back from the office to make the call happen. Service is great some days and terrible others - like, barely-load-a-full-page terrible.

    I've considered switching to Verizon but I'm worried that'll be just as bad. They're running a 19.99 for internet-only special...anyone have it around here?

  • Verizon doesn't have broadband at Sterling & Franklin. I've been on their list for two years to be notified when it becomes available.

    Intermittent cable internet speeds are usually caused by either congestion (too many of your neighbors downloading at the same time), marginal wiring, or both. When coax goes bad, its ability to attenuate a strong signal can drop without fully cutting out, and make the effects of congestion worse.

    You need to have a technician come out to check the line. There's a very good chance they will end up replacing all or part of it. If it's clean, you can at least rule that out.

    BTW even if Verizon was available you should not expect better customer service. Appointments still tend to be in many-hour windows. And while you will ostensibly have a private copper wire back to the central office with DSL, with speeds you can rely on, the maximum speeds will generally be considerably slower than cable, especially with the low-end DSL packages which are measured in kilobytes rather than megabytes per second.

    Cablevision has some of the best-performing broadband in the nation, particularly for the price. It's worth taking the time to get it right.

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