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  • Hey Patsy,
    I think you are being very generous calling "Woman of God" okay. Still have not gotten hold of "Never-Never". Had some further medical developments. Have to go for a test which is supposed to show if my Cancer has spread. If it has I will need a new aggresive treatment program. Now I have 8 Doctors I see regularly and three I see on occasion.
  • Hi Warren I have said a prayer for you.. Angels around you. I hope nothing has spread & you will Be okay!! Been in NJ o few days now, spending Time with friends. Had fun shopping, Dining out & went to paint & wine class. I skipped on the wine because I don't Drink, but the painting class was fun. We painted a peacock feather on Canvas. It came out pretty good I guess. IMG_0365
  • My youngest daughter will get this one Because the one I did 2 yrs ago went To my eldest daughter. My girls were arguing Over the first one I did like it was a Van Gogh or something. So the eldest Daughter won that round, so now the youngest Gets this one. The next one I do, I will keep for myself, Each class does a different painting. You don't know what it is that you're going To paint until you get there. We had a lot Of fun. Hope you have a great weekend. Stay well. Richard hope you're enjoying The weather & all the sports you Watch. Hope you're well. :)
  • The above is the first painting class I went to 2 yrs. ago. This is the painting the girls Argued about. Lol
  • Hello all, Patsy thank you for the prayers. I have not heard about the results of my bone scan test yet. They used to say no news is good news. I can only hope that is true. The only painting I have been brave enough to tackle has been "Paint by Numbers":. These are not kids versions but complex adult versions. My oldest son has sent me some. I find "people" to be the biggest challenge.  
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