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Where to get exterminator supplies?

We've got a bit of a flea infestation in our basement. These are hardcore Crown Heights fleas, and they are unfortunately permethrin-resistant. I need some better stuff than your typical Raid fogger -- something with an IGR at least.

Anyone have a good local source? I can do Amazon but I'd like not to have to wait until Tuesday to bomb.


  • I got flea bombers from my vet. Try calling a couple of the local vets to see if they have what you need for sale.

  • Diatomaceous earth works well for fleas and it's completely non-toxic. They usually have it at the Lowe's down on 2nd Ave.

  • Fleas need to come into contact with diatomaceous earth, so it's not a very good solution for my application which is a crowded basement full of crevices.

    http://www.broadwaypestcontrol.com/ had some chems I'm optimistic about, including an IGR fogger. They're on the LES and while I knew more about fleas than the guy who happened to be working the counter, they were very nice.

  • Regular exposure to toxins may explain the staff's seeming lack of knowledge.

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