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Lost Car - seeking assistance from Brooklyn residents

Looking for help from residents in the Brooklyn area. A family member, who was visiting me from VIrginia, suffered a medical emergency (diabetic) on Monday after crossing the Verrazzo bridge. He exited the freeway and parked his car and wandered around for several hours. After getting medical attention he tried to locate his car with no success. We looked for 10 hours yesterday but cannot find the car. We have been checking the tow lots and so far, it has not been towed. The police have told us that in order to report it stolen, we need to know where the car was parked and need the ID of the driver (which was in the car). The car is a 1988 black Honda CRX with Virginia tags. If anyone happens to see this car in the neighborhood, please respond. Thank you.


  • I remember from previous posts here that it can take a long time for a towed car to show up in the city's system so I would keep checking back there.

  • If he can remember which exit (left, right, etc.) off the Bridge/Belt Parkway he took it would be helpful. Were there a lt of trees? (near Shore Rd Park) or tall apartment buildings? The area is the 68th precinct. This is not the most helpful precinct in the boroough but going there in person might be more productive. I will also forward your notice to briends in the neighborhood.

  • If he got off the first exit it would be 92nd st. and 7th Ave.

  • Check nyc.gov/finance to see if any tickers have been written to the car.

  • Where was he wandering around? Do you know if he took the BQE exit or the Belt Parkway eastbound? Does his car have LoJack?

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