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Weiner for mayor?

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Heard on the news last night that the "Twitterman", Anthony Weiner, is thinking of running for mayor as his political comeback. Read an article last year when his embarrassing photos became public that in his 17 years as assemblyman he sponsored 191 bills. NONE of them passed. I wonder how effective he'd be since he wasn't too effective before but he sure had good sound bites.



  • don't want to see pervert for mayor.

  • It seems like most politicians are at least a little "pervy". At least we now know what Weiner's is going into it. Besides, sending a couple pictures isn't really so bad. STUPID. But eh, it's a pretty victim-less crime.

    I thought Quinn was supposed to be a shoe in since she fully supported every one of Bloomberg's choices.

  • hell its okay to be pervy and all but this dude was married and sending pictures of his dick to some girls, that is just uncalled for.

    I always say if you want to have many girl friends, just don't get married no point. Same thing goes for rich guys especially no point at all.

  • I really don't give a rat's ass whether Weiner was blasting his wiener all over the internet. For all I know he and his wife have an open marriage, after all David Paterson and Michelle Paige said they had an open marriage. I wouldn't support Weiner for mayor or any other political office because he is part of the Democratic/Republican axis that has spent the last century denying effective government to the people of New York State and New York City. I will only support candidates who propose electoral reform that abolishes the gerrymander and places redistricting in the hands of an independent commission, as California has done.

  • Then I guess you won't be voting for mayor for quite a long time.

  • Prior this, I was told the mayor will either be Christine Quinn (City council) or Scott Stringer (Manhattan BP).

    Weiner provides an additional choice.

    Can one still write in candidates?

  • PragmaticGuy said:

    Then I guess you won't be voting for mayor for quite a long time.

    Assuming I am able to take the citizenship oath before the next election, I'll be voting, but not for a Democrat or a Republican. I would vote for Mickey Mouse before I voted for the status quo. There's always a nutjob or two that stand for these offices.

  • There's a town in Alaska that's got a cat for mayor from a write-in.


    Let's write in Duke.

  • I don't much care about the man's adventures in twitterland, although it does betray a certain lack of judgement. But he was a clown before any of that came to light - it was just a nice confirmation of what everybody already knew. I'm reasonably certain we can find a better mayor, let this guy get a "real" job.

  • He's never had a real job. Lifelong politician. He doesn't know how to do anything else.

  • Stinger and Quinn are making lots of noise

    photo Stringer Campaign

    photo Huff Post

  • I think his political career is over, but there's always the possibility he'd do well in the commercial field.

  • He doesn't look like the Billy Mays type to me.

  • He could always do an underwear commercial, " He ain't got brains, but he does wear Hanes."

  • I don't think Michael Jordan would let him take over that endorsement.

  • I think there's room for both of them,

    You can watch Jordan dribble while in his and weiner dribbling on his

  • Anyone but Quinn.

  • Who knows, maybe Mark Green will run again.

  • Their all the same and will promise anything to get in office, so, to avoid any aggravation, I vote for who i want to screw me.

  • de blasio has declared he's running for mayor, can marion barry be far behind.

  • Being coved in the media is important.

    Being covered in media that caters to people who actually vote is very important: http://nymag.com/news/features/christine-quinn-2013-2/

    Meanwhile, Joe Lhota struggles for name recognition:


  • As far as Weiner is concerned being "covered" in the media is MUCH better than being "uncovered."

  • According to the NY Post Weiner is considering a run for City Comptroller, thats all we need, a Comptroller with sticky fingers.

  • I'm going to spearhead a write in drive for Koch.

    Yeah, I know he's dead, but, we'll finally have a Mayor that's not in position to screw us.

  • Let's not forget about the Republicans.

    So many are interested in beng Mayor that they are actually going to have a meaningful primary:


  • We have reached the point where they are now defining how they are different from one another!


  • This report states whoever becomes Mayor, they are pretty screwed.

    (they take longer to say it, and use more professional terms, of course)


  • While walking by yesterdays parade I spotted a neighbor of mine, who immigrated from Ireland in the late 50's.

    He mentioned it's absurd the way St. Patricks is celebrated in America and asked if i knew what the Saint had done for Ireland.

    To be polite and give him a chance to express himself, I said I didn't.

    He proudly stated, he chased all the snakes out of Ireland.

    I asked where did they go?

    To America to become politicians, lad , to America to become politicians.

    Truer words were never spoken .

    He recommended , Vote for the one you want to screw you, because every one of them have the same agenda.

  • Yet another Mayoral debate is scheduled for April 20th.

    The topic is NYCHA Housing. Here is how to attend:


  • State Sen Malcolm Smith (and an accomplice) allegedly wanted to bribe his way into becoming mayor. Both are now under arrest.

    Post wrote: "As alleged, Senator Malcolm Smith tried to bribe his way to a shot at Gracie Mansion – Smith drew up the game plan and Councilman Halloran essentially quarterbacked that drive by finding party chairmen who were wide open to receiving bribes.

    After the string of public corruption scandals that we have brought to light, many may rightly resign themselves to the sad truth that perhaps the most powerful special interest in politics is self-interest."


  • It may be time for the City Council to keep a Bail Bondsman on the premise.

  • I am just glad we are finally getting the media attention we deserve. I was getting tired of hearing about how IL was more corrupt than us.

  • Well, corruption and scandal in politics is nothing new. What's the point in having power if you can't make some dough off it?

  • Exactly.

    And, what's the point of not having power if we can't take pleasure in watching those who do have power, self-destruct?

  • at our expense

  • I like how the chart shows this was a bipartisan effort. Finally, they have stopped fighting and are getting along!

  • This one happens Monday evening, April 22:

    2013 Mayoral Forum on Sustainability

    Where do the candidates running for New York City mayor stand on critical issues like parks, clean air, stormwater management, traffic congestion and climate change?

    Co-hosted by:

    New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund

    The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design

    Co-sponsored by:

    Transportation Alternatives and other leading New York City advocacy groups.

    The leading candidates for mayor will be questioned on their positions on parks, waterfront development, traffic congestion, post-Sandy rebuilding and much, much more.

    This moderated forum is the first of the campaign season to focus exclusively on sustainability issues. It is also a great opportunity for civic organizations, environmental groups, block associations, voters and all New Yorkers to find out where the candidates stand on issues that matter most.

    Start: April 22, 2013 - 6:00pm

    End: April 22, 2013 - 8:00pm


    Cooper Union, Great Hall

    7 East 7th Street (between 3rd & 4th Avenues)

    New York, NY, 10003


    http://ta.convio.net/site/Survey?ACTION_REQUIRED=URI_ACTION_USER_REQUESTS&SURVEY_ID=4680&pw_id=2441&autologin=true&utm_source=streetbeat-Apr112013&utm_medium=email&utm_content=version1&utm_campaign=2013POGO Vote

  • Just when we were getting bored of the Mayoral Race, Jimmy "the rent is too damn high" McMillian announces he is running again:


  • Meanwhile,

    One would think that Lhota, as the leading Republican candidate, should be able to easily win the endorsement of the police union.

    However, he just insulted the Police force of the Port Authority:



    Bad move.

    ...Also John Liu seems to be going down in flames.

    I'm no fan, but a Quinn win is looking likely.

  • Report on CBS 880 this morning stated that according to a Quinnipiac poll Weiner is running only behind Christine Quinn should he decide to run in the Democratic primary. All he needs is enough signatures to get him on the ballot. This shows that people are either willing to forgive and forget very quickly or that they just don't care about the embarrassment that New York would face should he actually win.

  • Well, it's official. Weiner made his mayoral candidacy announcement via You Tube. According to a Bloomberg article, it was done this way so he wouldn't have to go through all the heckling and jokes if he did it at a press conference. Hell, if Marion Barry could win in D.C. after all the crap he did Weiner should be a shoe in.

  • This is a terrible idea. Even if you wanted to make the argument that Weenie was some great congressman (have fun) what has he shown anybody that would make them want to put him in charge of something? Like, say, a city? I guess the argument would be that he's a Democrat in a Democrat town, but that hasn't been good enough for weak candidates for the last 20 or so years here...

  • I might vote for him for the entertainment value he will bring.

  • Considering that Giuliani and Bloomberg both ran on the Republican ticket I don't know that I'd call this a Democrat town. As I've stated in a past post Weiner sponsored 191 bills and NONE of them passed. So, it doesn't seem like he's too effective at much of anything, except coming up with lame excuses and apologies.

  • I think we are judging him by different criteria.

  • What other criteria should there be? If the man can't build a coalition and get people to come around to his way of thinking what use will he be as a mayor.

  • Sometimes entertainment is enough.

    ...I think a few of my co-workers are kept around for such reasons.

  • I saw him on the news last night. As he walked off the podium I noticed he couldn't even stand up straight. He was sort of hunched over. If body language means anything, I would think that he's still uncomfortable in the public eye and it's going to take some time to get that bravado of his back.

  • Would Viagra help?

  • Heh heh, his name is weiner, heh heh..

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  • It's been rumored Funko is coming out with an Anthony Weiner Bobble Crotch Doll.

  • Good. Someone needs to take her down.

  • He's probably not the one to do it. When he made his official announcement that he was running for mayor at midnight on the web, a photo of the PTTTSBURGH skyline was behind him. I can just imagine the snide remarks that are going to be made about that. He seems to be his own worst enemy.

  • Weiner didn't appear at the recent Rent Stabilization board hearing.

    How is he going to give people the unrealistic belief that he can fulfill wishes, if he does not make the effort to impersonate a genie?


  • Thompson just got endorsements from Rangel, Dinkins and the Teachers Union.



    ....if someone is going to take on Quinn, it is going to be him.

    Photo: WNYC

    If he keeps up the good work, he may get my endorsement.

  • Lots of photos of the candidates being civil to each other:


    We may want to save these, because as we get closer to the primary, we are likely to get sniping.

  • Thompson is getting some very good press, in key media sources

    ...ones which cater to people who vote and donate $:


    He could win this.

  • Pardon the formatting...

    Join the

    Our City, Our Homes

    NYC Mayoral Forum on Affordable Neighborhoods

    TONIGHT - Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    7:00pm to 9:00pm - Doors open at 6:30pm

    Participating candidates:

    Bill deBlasio, Adolfo Carrion, John Liu,

    William Thompson Jr. & Anthony Weiner

    Moderator: Azi Paybarah - Capital New York

    CALVARY / ST. GEORGE'S - 4 Rutherford Place.

    Corner of East 16th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues

    New York City needs a new and expansive housing vision that includes the

    needs of all. Join the Our City, Our Homes Mayoral forum to learn about each

    of the mayoral candidates' Affordable Housing plans and how they will

    addresses four key issues:

    ? Overhaul of the Code Enforcement System

    ? Commitment to a Real Affordability Development Policy and

    Guaranteed Inclusionary Zoning

    ? Improvement and Preservation of the Public Housing Stock in NYC

    ? Expanding Resources to Promote Homeownership Opportunities and Prevent


    ANHD is a member of Our City, Our Homes, a broad coalition of neighborhood

    and citywide organizations working together to advance a progressive housing

    vision in 2013 and beyond.

    Click here to download

    ANHD's community-by-community list of at-risk affordable housing

    The Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD) founded in

    1974 is a

    501(c)(3) consortium of 93 neighborhood-based non-profit affordable groups

    in all five boroughs.

    ANHD provides training, capacity-building assistance, strategic research,

    and high-impact policy advocacy for the community development movement. In

    the past decade alone, ANHD has worked

    with our members to leverage $1.3 billion in new public funds for affordable

    housing and won

    policy change that has preserved thousands of affordable apartments.

    Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD)

    50 Broad Street, Suite 1125, New York, New York 10004

    212-747-1117 / www.anhd.org

  • According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, 17% of registered Democrats in Gotham say they would vote for Weiner if their party's mayoral primary were held today, with 19% supporting City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who had been the longtime front-runner in the race. Quinn's two percentage point margin over Weiner is well within the survey's sampling error, meaning the race can be considered a dead heat.

    In Quinnpiac's previous poll, which was conducted in mid-May, Quinn stood at 25%, ten points ahead of Weiner, who had the support of 15% of Democrats.

    Looking more and more like a W(e)inner.

  • It's funny, or maybe not, because I read an article in Newsday yesterday that cited a poll (can't remember which one)that put Weiner at 25% and Quinn at 20%. Heaven help NYC.

  • At the moment, we have a bunch of choices. In theory, any one of them could win:


    •Sal Albanese

    •Ceceilia Berkowitz

    •Randy Credico

    •Bill de Blasio

    •John Liu

    •Christine Quinn

    •Erick Salgado

    •Bill Thompson

    •Anthony Weiner


    •Adolfo Carrión, Jr.

    •John A. Catsimatidis

    •Joseph J. Lhota

    •George McDonald

  • Imagine if Weiner wins for mayor and Spitzer for comptroller we can have a sleaziest politician poll.

  • It kinda makes me ashamed to be a New Yorker.

  • I haven't found the time or energy to research any of these people much (besides Quinn and Weiner). Does anyone have enough of a understanding on the various characters to give a cliffs notes version of their policies and standings on issues?

  • Each is still making their policies known, and refining their pitches.

    However, I am presently leaning toward voting for Bill Thompson

  • Yeah, Eliot Spitzer - see what happens when we encourage these people? As if him being a publicity hound, grating asshole and sleazy hypocrite weren't enough to kill this candidacy in the crib, how about the fact that there is not one G.D. reason to think he is qualified to be the comptroller of a large organization! Does he have an accounting background? No. Successful financier? Nope. Work his way up through similar jobs in the government? Nuh-uh. He might be able talk his way past HR, but any hiring manager in the private sector would tell him that he is, "a bad fit for the role". And yet...and yet...

    I have formulated a theory that most voters in New York City do not know what a comptroller is or what one does.

  • Comptroller... Isn't it what you use to change channels on the tv?

  • spitzer comptroller

    but did he even know her?

    comptroller spitzer

  • booklaw said:

    Comptroller... Isn't it what you use to change channels on the tv?

    I thought it was some one that trolls for comps

  • Is Complementary sex better than the kind one pays for?

    I assume he has an informed opinion.

  • Exactly, I guess. It doesn't even matter if the guy can do the job or people know what the job is. It's just, "Hur dur Spitzer I remember him!" Or were we being sarcastic? Because I don't think a lot of people are...

  • Coalition for New York says if these two guys are elected New York will become a laughing stock. It seems that even in today's society character still plays a part. Just think of the jokes made about Wash D.C. after Marion Barry was reelected after being convicted of crack use.

  • I miss the old days of Brooklynian, back when we had some Democratic stalwarts who would insist that political party was different.

  • I think if Pres. Obama is ever found "fooling around" the Democrat party would implode. That would be the straw that broke the camel's back. He may not be the best president but he seems to be the most moral of the Dems.

  • Spitzer tops Democratic rival Scott Stringer in the city comptroller's race by a commanding 48-33 percent among registered Democrats, while Weiner is about even with his closest rival Christine Quinn — 25 percent to 22 percent — in the crowded Democratic mayoral field, according to the Quinnipiac University poll.
  • According to that same Quinnipiac poll Thompson would beat either Quinn or Weiner in a runoff and since no candidate is expected to get the 40% of the primary vote needed to avoid that a runoff in September seems likely.

  • Weiner's poll numbers are sinking, or maybe they're just becoming flaccid. Either way, hopefully this city will soon be done with him.

  • Meanwhile, candidates like Thompson are struggling to get any media coverage.

    They can't complete with the easy press that Weiner and Quinn generate. Once again, this is becoming a race that has little to do with the issues that most effect this city.

  • Well, you know the old saying, "nice guys finish last."

  • I do.

    ...while sexting isn't especially related to one's qualifications, the race is looking like Quinn has a solid footing.

  • With all this internal strife going on in the Democrat party the Republican candidates are getting no coverage at all.

  • I agree. That seems to be true even of the media that is traditionally Republican (WSJ, Post).

    For example I know that Adolfo Carrión, Jr. and Joseph J. Lhota are believed to be running neck and neck, but their appearances are not getting coverage.

    As they always do, I'm sure they are presently appearing before the Chamber of Commerce, the police unions, Staten Island audiences, and the Realty entities to state how they would forward their interests, but I have not read an article recently.

  • I guess the real issues will be made clear after the primaries because there's way too much distraction now.

  • As a result of Bloomberg leaving the city in good financial shape and pretty low crime rate, I'd be surprised if the Republicans were able to gain much traction.

    ...It is hard to run on a "tough on crime", "lower taxes and less spending" platform when those issues aren't dominant on many people's minds.

  • The media has declared open season on Weiner.

    Anthony Weiner's week just got worse. The New Yorker magazine's new issue skewers the New York City mayoral candidate in a cartoon depicting the former congressman straddling the Empire State Building spire and taking a "selfie" with a smartphone:


  • Wow, the Empire State Buildings notoriety just went from King Kong to King Dong.

  • Thompson seems annoyed none of the real issues are being covered:

    “I have nothing to say about his campaign,” Mr. Thompson offered, labeling Mr. Weiner “a distraction.”

    “This is what we’re talking about?” he asked as the questions continued, reiterating his call for Mr. Weiner to withdraw his candidacy. “Less than 45 days out, I think 44 days now, … we’re not talking about housing. We’re not talking about jobs. We’re not talking about education … I don’t think anyone’s listening to that any longer.”


  • According to an article in yesterday's Newsday, Weiner's congressional campaign was just fined $20,000 because after he resigned he failed to a) return the money to donors or b) designate to go to another campaign. Well, if he ends up out of politics he can always get a job as a photographer. He seems to know his F stops.

  • With his poll numbers dropping it's rumored Weiner is in negations for the lead role in the upcoming revival of one of Broadways greatest all time hits, Diddler On The Roof .

  • As has been pointed out, with all the tweeting and photo sharing no actual sex took place. Obviously he's as impotent as his political career.

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