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Alternative rock returns to 101.9

Long time New Yorkers may remember 101.9 as a jazz station.

Then, it filled the alternative rock void left by 92.7's disappearance.

Then, it became ultra annoying light rock music while you work as a receptionist.

Then, it became news radio.

Now, I am pleased to report the alternative rock format has returned. Much of the music is from 1985 thru 1992. Yup, Depeche Mode happens.


  • I never adapted to the whole mp3 thing, and have to listen to something around the house, so it is certainly a refreshing change from 104.3.

    A man can only hear so much Led Zepplin.

  • i have a few first gen mp3 players and cd mp3 format players I never used :p. i don't really listen to mp3's like most people. I brought them for the cool of Oh i got new tech lol. When i was young i wasted alot of money on new tech toys.

    Now that i'm older I don't care for new toys unless its functional :p. unless new toy is very cool.

    also I rarely listen to music only on long distance trips. tune into some local channels. or friends in the car, they'll tune in on some channels. I prefer to just drive no music pay attention to the road.

  • On road trips, Mrs Whynot plays mp3s, because it drives her nuts that we lose a station every 30 minutes due to the broadcasting range.

    Personally, I love to listen to listen to stuff you can't pick up in NYC: The crazy Christian stations, the "world is going to end because of Obama and/or aliens" stations, and Country music.

    Radio broadcasts of High school football games are also excellent. The Millersburg Bobcats just scored a touchdown!

  • some parts of nyc you can get country music when i drove around as a kid :p. but i haven't been able to tune in on one for along time.

  • The best stations are often seem to be some guy broadcasting from his garage. The AM dial is where the fun is.

    In 2005, my brother and I drove Rt 2 (located just south of the Canadian border) from Chicago to Seattle. Awesome radio there!

  • Best news I've heard in a while! As one of the few remaining commercial radio aficionados, I enjoyed 101.9 when it was an alt rock station and was dismayed to lose it. Thanks, whynot, for letting us know it's back!

  • I loved 101.9, hopefully they will play some new alterative music along with old Depeche Mode. As whynot says, you can only listen to so much Led Zeppelin.

  • The Smooth Jazz CD101.9 that was there for decades beforehand was the absolute worst Kenny G elevator/doctor-office crap in the history of the world.

    I know because a (n unsaveable) family member of an older generation insisted on listening to nothing but it. Talk about melting your brain. Perhaps she was just a victim of long-term exposure. And boy was she pissed when it went alternative.

    A silent, emphatic YESSSSSS! was heard throughout the land on that day. Definitely needed something to fill the void left when WLIR-->WDRE disappeared from 92.7 on the dial.

    Was baffled that they thought talk radio format would work there at 101.9. Glad to hear alternative format's back.

  • It won't be long before "new alternative rock" becomes associated with people over 34.

    ....needless to say, that time has arrived. It is not a bad thing.

  • Hell, I'm 58 and it's one of my favorite stations. If you're into alternative also try listening to World Cafe Mon-Fri from 4pm to 6pm on 91.5 and of course there's WFUV as well.

  • On noes! I love having the radio on, and this station most of the time was the right one for me with current alternative music. Q104 or whatever it is seems to be so lost in the past. I'm close to 58 and it seems all they have in regular rotation is music that I heard in the 7th & 8th Grade.

    It boggles my mind that NYC can't support an alternate rock station.

  • Yes, I agree. I'm also 58 and I love this station. But, there's always WFUV and on 91.5 there's World Cafe from 4-6pm. Both great alternative stations. Also on 91.5 they play alternative from 6am to noon.

  • PragmaticGuy said:

    Yes, I agree. I'm also 58 and I love this station. But, there's always WFUV and on 91.5 there's World Cafe from 4-6pm. Both great alternative stations. Also on 91.5 they play alternative from 6am to noon.

    6am to noon sounds horrible. still be asleep then.

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