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Vietnam Vet finds OLD Service BUDDIES

I served in Nam Septenber 65 - August 66 with the Army. In the years that have past I have tried in small ways

to help Vets. Now I devote my time in helping Vietnam Vets and their families find old friends and loved ones. These

searches are hard, long and rewarding. When a Vet is found, I cannot find words of the joy to all involved. I'm working on a Marine Project now. When a Marine graduates boot camp, they are presented with a hard

cover embossed book. The cover has his Platoon Number,Year of Graduation and place of Graduation

(Parris Island or Camp Pendleton). Inside the book are pictures of the all marines who graduated

in the platoon and the cadre who trained them. More pictures of the actual training.

There are some fine Marine Internet Sites that post the information and pictures in the book. People

searching for Marines find these sites very helpful. If you have one of these books dated in the

Viet Nam Era, I would appreciate it if you could take scans of the pages the recruits and cadre

are on. Usually it is a total of four pages. I will then submit them for posting on the Marine Sites.

Please e mail them to

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