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looking for a Gym

hello everyone:

I have been here broolyn for about one month,and i tried to find a GYM to train.But i can t find a cheap one.i want to ask for help from some of you who knows that.I am really appreciated if someone of you can tell me something about that.i just want to find a GYM near my house and cheaper.by the way ,i live on 9ave,53street.thank you


  • We have very few regular members here that live around 9th Ave and 53rd st in Brooklyn. I hope some new members will help you out, but in the meanwhile you should search on YELP.com or Citysearch.com for your neighborhood and the search term "gym." You'll quickly find reviews there that are helpful. Best of luck :sunny:

  • I live in your area and I will not lie to you; its better off to join a gym in Manhattan or the NYSC on 9th and 5th avenue.

    RICHIES GYM: 4th and 53rd

    I went a couple of times to Richies' on 4th and 53rd. Its on the second floor. In the summer Your shoe soles will MELT it gets soo hot and crowded.

    Its a MENS gym. I tell you that because if you are a woman and look even halfway "f**kable" you WILL be leered at, and talked to. Let me tell you, there is ZERO security there, and I wouldn't trust my stuff in a locker EVEN with a lock. The so called changing room could be used to grow all sorts of plagues. Lastly DON'T EVER EXPECT working equipment there or air conditioning. Complaining will get you looked at like you are some bourgeois chick *cough cough" maybe I am

    PULSE FITNESS: 5th and 54th

    call AHEAD to make sure they are open as they have the sketchiest hours on the planet. If you called to inquire if they were open at times you'd find the voice mail full and at other times there was NO voice mail at all: Rarely did anyone ever answer before noon.

    It's cleaner than Richie's and has better equipment and less hoods..erm people who look like they may have just recently been released from rikers. Still I hate to say this, but well it reminds me of so many "local non corporate gyms" where the air conditioning seems non existent and equipment seems perpetually broken.

    Rule of thumb for both gyms:

    1) wear the LEAST amount of clothing as possible, as both gyms are hot as sh*t in the summer

    2) bring your own damn towel

    3) at Richie's don't put anything in the lockers you want to see again.

    4) Try not to hit the gym during the evening hours as the crowds will amaze you, especially with the sparse equipment.

  • Alas, I have to echo that last post. Ritchies is definitely a "muscle" gym & I don't go there. Dolphin might be a better local choice but I doubt if there is one near you. The one I went to around 76th & Third Ave was a funny cross between a big chain & a local joint. Not even one cheesey bolted to the wall hair drier in the women' locker area either - not fun in winter!

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