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Used iPhone 4 Question

So I went to AT&T because my contract is up and they want to give me $20 dollars for my used iPhone. I was wondering if anyone had any honest suggestions of how much I might be able to really get for it? $20 seems like a ripoff for something I paid close to $400 for.

Its a first gen, 32 gig iPhone. Has some scratches, home button is funny sometimes, and has some discoloration on the top left corner of the screen. Far from perfect, but totally functional. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!


  • sadly apple products deplete in value so rapidly its a disgrace for the price we pay your phones only worth between 20-50$

    you can try and wait for some lucky person to buy it on craigslist but the waiting game sucks. or you can just keep it and get a new phone (i say keep it so you dont have the insult of taking the 20 for it from those fools!)

  • Thanks, I agree. I should mention that it's a first gen iPhone 4, not first gen original, but still I figured 50 dollars or so might be the cap. Thanks for your post

  • oh wait hell no. if its an iphone4 hell no..

    check your messages.

  • go tot the apple website. they started a recycling program where they pay you via a apple gift card. i looked up my iphone 4 and they estimated it was worth $170+ (i forget the exact amount). you enter in the info about the phone (condition, model etc) and it gives you an estimate.

    I havent figured out what you do for the few days you are waiting for your gift card to redeem for a new iPhone 5....

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