Free Ice cream/cupcakes @ Obama Bash and Fundraiser at The Candy Rush Sun 7 Oct — Brooklynian

Free Ice cream/cupcakes @ Obama Bash and Fundraiser at The Candy Rush Sun 7 Oct

Complimentary Blue Marble ice cream, BCakeNY cupcakes, and live music with a minimum $10 on-site donation towards Obama re-election efforts.

Come join us as we groove inside and out on the garden patio. Little kids, big kids and all are welcome.

When: Sunday, 7 October 10 am-1 pm

Where: The Candy Rush, 735 Franklin Avenue between (Park Pl. and Sterling Pl.)

Organizers/Hosts: Raquel Wexler, Garnett Philip and Kevin Philip.

On-site online donations, checks and cash will be accepted. Contribution forms will be filled for all donations.

For more information, contact Raquel : raquelcrowhill at

See you there !


  • The Fundraiser will continue until 3 pm Sunday.

  • BCakeNY has donated some delicious complimentary cupcakes especially for this event.

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  • Hakeem Jeffries, NY State Assemblyman for New York's 57th Assembly District, and the Democratic nominee for Congress in New York's 8th Congressional District will be at the fundraiser tomorrow at 10:45 am.

    Come out and greet your next (to be elected) congressman tomorrow at The Candy Rush !

  • Thanks for all who came out for the fundraiser. By 3.30 pm the Crown Heights community and its neighbors, had raised $500 for the Obama Victory Fund.

    Thanks once again to BCakeNY for the delicious cupcakes and to The Candy Rush for hosting the event and ensuring all went smoothly.

    A special shout out to Hakeem Jefferies, NY State Assemblyman for NY's 57 Assembly District and the Democratic nominee for Congress for the 8th Congressional District, for joining us this morning at the event.

    And thanks to the DJs Leo and Dennis from 5 Blocks Sound for the excellent mood setting groovy music this afternoon.

    A few cupcakes are still at The Candy Rush, so feel free to drop by later today fill in a contribution form and receive complimentary BCakeNY cupcake and ice cream!

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