Does anyone recognize this store cat? Urgent!!!!! — Brooklynian

Does anyone recognize this store cat? Urgent!!!!!

The cat below was brought in from Bay 16th Street and New Utrecht Avenue, Bath Beach/Bensonhurst Brooklyn 11214 on Sunday November 25th and is currently at Brooklyn ACC.

A#: 0951766

Name: Cheerio

Color: tabby


approx 8 years old

large - almost 16 lbs


possible store cat

If you are the caretaker, can assist in finding the colony and caretaker, or can provide him with a new colony/home if we are unable to reunite him, please contact Lois at Neighborhood Cats:

Contact info for Brooklyn New Hope: 9 am - 7 pm, 7 Days a Week

Office: 718-272-6348 or 646-210-5404

ACC does not actively go out and trap eartipped cats. This cat was brought to ACC. ACC must accept every animal brought to them even eartipped cats.

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