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A camera to catch speeders at EP and Bedford — Brooklynian

A camera to catch speeders at EP and Bedford

This story is reprinted from, Sept 9, 2013:

A new speeding camera has been installed at the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Bedford Ave. The camera joins an existing red light camera at the intersection.

Motorists traveling in excess of about 40 miles per hour will receive a $30 fine in the mail, addressed to the owner of the vehicle.

The new speeding camera comes at the heels of mayor Michael Bloomberg’s promise to install 20 new speeding cameras around the city, after receiving the green light to do so from state legislature in June.

...this looks like it will be a pretty lucrative location for the city.



  • Excellent.

    I believe I've heard the city will set up ~100 speed camera mounts, and shuffle the 20 cameras they are allowed among them for maximum coverage.

    At least until Albany lets us have more.

  • Great news. Hopefully its able to catch motorcycles as well

  • I think they should make the 100 camera mounts more visible, so they serve as a deterrent even when not loaded with one of the precious 20 actual cameras.

  • Wait until bicycles have to show some kind of license plates so cameras can get them running red lights. That's where the real money will be made.

  • Bicycles are a lot harder to regulate than cars. So, instead of a camera that captures the image of the bike, I'd opt for a RFID system that was embedded in every individual.

    Needless to say, I'd have to overcome the objections of civil libertarians, cost concerns, etc.

  • Plates for bikes has been proposed in the past. I wont be surprised if it happens in our lifetimes. Theyre already considered vehicles and can be ticketed in the same way, even for speeding (had this happen when I rode in L.A.). You'll pay for registration, plates, tickets, etc.

    The fact that Bloomberg didnt push this is surprisiing, maybe too focused on sodas.

  • I don't think he pushed it because the bike lobby isn't yet in favor of it. If Transportation Alternatives had come out in support of it, I'd bet he would have done it during this last term.

  • Mayor DeBlasio is sounding as if he will pursue similar policies:

  • homeowner said:

    I don't think he pushed it because the bike lobby isn't yet in favor of it. If Transportation Alternatives had come out in support of it, I'd bet he would have done it during this last term.

    Um, yes cause Bloomberg always listens to TA. That's why cars are driven in a safe manner people don't park in bike lanes and the NYPD.

    OT: The idea of putting plates on bikes is ridiculous. Your average cyclist will never go fast enough to get a ticket and the thugs in blue have no trouble ticketing us for not having bells without plates. Its a fact that bicycles don't kill or severely injure pedestrians on anything near the scale. Let's focus on the indeniable real problem of cars and drivers. Anyone who believes that bicycles are the real problem probably has trouble with basic logic skills.

    Back on topic I'm pretty sure this is part of the school speed camera trials. If so it will only be active during school hours and as whynot says the fine is $30 and no points on the license. In other words a slight slap on the wrist. I suspect the locations on Eastern will catch more speeders than elsewhere. These might just be the cameras that prove speed cameras work.

  • Usually, a speeding ticket usually costs more than a parking ticket. only $30, this is much cheaper than most parking tickets.

  • @Newguy....I never said putting plates on bikes was practical or necessary or that bikes cause accidents. I said it would merely be a revenue generating tool.

  • I still prefer embedded RFID technology.

    ...traceable by satellite.

    And, of course, defeated by tin foil.

  • Maybe we should start buying stock in Reynolds Aluminum now.

  • Plates on bicycles isn't happening.

    The motorcycle wolfpacks that terrorize the neighborhood are mostly stolen bikes, so speed cameras aren't going to be a big influence on their behavior.

  • I don't think these cameras are intended to address the behavior of bikes or motorcyclists.

    The most effective method against them seems to be the changing of the seasons; they decrease in number once winter arrives.

  • Ugh, we don't need to change the behaviour of cyclists. It's cars we need to worry about.

  • True, but not everyone thinks so.

  • That's why some people are wrong.

  • I do wonder if Mayor De Blasio will be as successful as Bloomberg was in getting Albany's approval for speed cameras.

    Albany seems to know how badly NYC wants cameras, and likely only grants them in exchange for something it wants.

  • He really can't do much worse. We need to vote out Marty Golden first. But in all honesty speed cameras are a band aid measure for a lazy and incompetent police force. If De Blasio really want to make a difference he'll get the NYPD radar guns and force them to issue speeding tickets like every other police force in the country.

  • I've driven in many different cities, here and in Europe. Nowhere else have I felt as empowered to speed as I do here. There are very few cop cars cruising the streets, and they don't seem at all concerned about speeders.

  • It is far easier to put up somewhat effective cameras, than to change the incentives that cause the NYPD to focus on traffic violations LAST.

  • The risk of red light running here is basically also limited to that of an accident. You'll never get a red light ticket in NYC unless you piss off a red light camera or are on a bicycle.

  • Maybe the cops don't enforce speed laws as much as they'd like because they're too busy with other, more arresting (pun intended) crimes. Although they hand out tickets like crazy along Atlantic Ave during the morning rush. Must be four or five cars there everyday from where Conduit Ave cuts in to Eastern Pkwy.

  • Perhaps the city could have surges of enforcement, which they publicized for maximum effect.

    NYS recently conducted such an effort:

  • That's the problem though, when the surge ends the speeding returns. And as anyone who drives regularly knows, it's not so easy to stay below 30 mph because cars just accelerate more quickly and since they ride better it's not always easy to judge speed unless you're checking the speedometer every few seconds.

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    ...and when one combines this with the obstacles faced and presented by the NYPD, cameras that merely issue $30 fines seem to be our best option.

  • Now can we get cameras at Albany and Kingston too?
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    We might get some more "non camera" enforcement as a result of the EP slow zone.

  • I don't relish the idea of speed chasers. How about heavy camera fines on this EP.  Or....thinking....a direct camera feed to a waiting cop car ahead of the violations area.