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722 Nostrand (near Park Place) to become bar and restaurant run by Bearded Lady operators

Epiclylaterd said:

The space I mentioned earlier in this thread, 722 Nostrand next to Secrets, is looking for a commercial tenant. 


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    Heads up.... A yet-to-be-named entity has begun the process of getting a liquor lic for this site.

    It would be a full lic. We will learn more on January 5, at 6:30 at the CB8 subcommittee.

    It is presently for lease: http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/18639403/722-Nostrand-Ave-Brooklyn-NY/?LinkCode=10850&SourceCode=1lww2t006a00001&;

    Click thru for pre-renovation photos
  • Said entity didn't show up on Jan 5, but says they will appear on Feb 2nd.

    They would like to use their backyard as part of the request.
  • Wonder what kind of pushback they will get, with Secrets being just a few doors away? Also, isn't that backyard less than 500 feet from the school?
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    It is actually next door to Secrets.
    And, yes, the backyard is less than 500 feet from a school.

    Aerial view:

    Here's how the NYS SLA will determine whether that is "too close":

    Note, I had time to link said document, but didn't bother to actually read it.
  • So it looks like the school may not be a deal breaker, since they are on two different blocks, but the 500 ft rule prohibits them from being 500 feet from another establishment with a license and usually licenses get granted under that provision as exceptions only. Not sure what you'd need to show as an exception.
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    In my experience, new licenses are routinely given by the SLA for locations within 500 ft of each other.

    The applicant just needs to have an additional hearing about how they will not be a detriment to the surrounding area. If the CB and/or the proprieter can convince the SLA it is in the public's interest, it is granted.

    Here's propaganda from lawyers who help applicants in such hearings:


    In my experience, we are at least 8 months ahead of this bar becoming a reality.   Here's a list of places near Nostrand that are much further along:   http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/45137/nostrand-ave-2015-map/p1
  • It is not about the back yard . It is about the front door and the linear footage to the school property line along the sidewalk.  And it is good for the application that it is around the corner and not on the same sidewalk.
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    They showed up tonight at the CB8 subcommittee.

    Including outdoor there will be 74 seats, 32 outdoor and 42 indoor.

    There are 4 principals, and they have an existing bar, Bearded Lady on Washington Ave, which has no complaints against it.

    They came with letters of support from several area businesses, but few from area residents. A lawyer accompanied them.

    They will have full kitchen. Rear yard would close at 10 PM Sun - Th, and midnight on Fri and Sat. They would put sound absorbing materials back there. There would be no smoking in the yard.

    They seek to close the indoor space at 4 AM, 7 Days a week. The committee supported same.
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    Sample menu, subject to change. "We will have a bigger kitchen and hope to serve more food than Bearded Lady". "We will have table service"

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    This is excellent news! Bearded Lady is one of my favorite bars in the area, in part because of the light and airy parisian cafeteria style decor of the place. I look forward to seeing what they do here with their backyard! Also, the grilled cheese they served at bearded lady was delicious. 
  • Very exciting! A new bar will certainly improve the street scene on that stretch of Nostrand. 
  • It's a big space

    Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.03.19 PM
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    ....which will likely require an investment of several hundred thousand dollars to become a restaurant/bar.
  • do landlords tend to provide a break on the rent/very long leases when spaces require that much renovation?
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    That depends upon the landlord.

    ...but suffice it to say that these are the types of tenants that the "landlords of Nostrand" have been waiting for, and why they have been willing to let their properties sit vacant for the past few years.

    This is not some under capitalized dollar store....
  • It's interesting how many of these new places are being opened by people who already have a succesful crown heights establishment a bit further west (crosby coffee, bearded lady, little zelda, breueueueklyn) - do you think it's somehow word of mouth among these business owners, that nows the time to make the move to Nostrand? 
  • All savy businesses know their customer base. Bars have the advantage of being able to make conversation with "us" after we have had a few drinks.

    This bar was savy enough to pursue a second location within the same CB, which helped it secure the CB's endorsement for a 4 AM closing time, 7 days a week.

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    Savy is spelled savvy.

    This place appears still on track.

    Lic was requested on on 5/18/2015, and is now in pending status

  • Any chance this has an effect on Secrets? IE: ceases to exist? That place is a nightmare.
  • I am shocked that CB 8 endorses Secrets. Seems to attract a lot of trouble.
  • Existence of a business is not necessarily correlated to a CB8 endorsement.
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    BTW, a closer read of the pending alcohol lic makes it clear they are having fun with the name of their corporations:

    Ward Cleaver's Fun Machine
    (a reference to a 1950s TV show)

    Tiger Downs Holding Co

    Trade Name:  Super Power

  • Ward Cleaver was the dad in the show "Leave It to Beaver." He was played by Hugh Beaumont.
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  • All praise to the lord for more good restaurant choices on Nostrand
  • License still pending, even though it was applied for in May. Seems like a lonnnng time to wait! 
  • For a space this size, NYS SLA can't grant a permit until the facility has a public assembly permit, which requires fire detection systems, and whatnot.

    ...hence, it is the last step in an often time consuming process. 


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    To wit, this permit was approved this week:



  •  Walked by the bar yesterday. Here is a pic I took of the progress.IMG_8849
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    That's is looking pretty close to being done!

     Next step: finish process with SLA!
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    A request for initial kitchen inspection has recently been filed, under the name as the SLA permit:  "Super Power"

  • Definitely called "Super Power". I walked by on Sunday and the white logo was hand-painted on the now turquoise roll-down grille box.
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    SLA lic became effective about two weeks ago, 5/20/2016.


    We can expect them to open very soon.   This will be the second new bar to open on Nostrand in less than a month.    The other was Sweet Brooklyn Bar

  • Can't wait to see the patrons mingling with the Secrets crowd. Should make for interesting times on the Avenue...
  • I feel like the name "Super Power" was not very well thought out. I hear "Super Power" and I immediately think "White Power" or "Black Power," which is possibly not the intention of the owners. Unless it is?
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    It seems like something you would hear chanted at a rally of building maintenance workers.
  • Wow. You took it there. For me, it seems more aligned to comic books. 

    As in super hero. 
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    Absolutely... comic books!!

    (I used to work for DC Comics)
  • Just my frame of reference. Curious name for a bar. 
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    @crownheightster ;
     Did you just finish reading the latest edition of Worker's World, or something similar?

  • My life is Workers World.
  • Well, if the capitalist, racist, patriarchy gives you (or another reader) time, this thread could use an updated photo of the facade.

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    From another reader:

  • I hope the execution of this concept is great because this just seems kind of corny at this point. 

    I fully admit, I don't get it. Is it supposed to be a superhero bar? And if its not, did they realize that would be the first thing everyone thought? Well, everyone except @Crownheightster...
  • I'm okay being the odd one out, though I also think of multinational super powers, and by extension imperialism, colonialism, empire, when I think of super power states... Nah, now I'm just joshing with you all :)
  • The awfully bright colors are reminding me of that other bar King Tai on Bergen/Nostrand. Are we done with the reclaimed wood/Edison bulb phase and moving into Miami night club inspired bars?
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    Guys, they are the operators of Bearded Lady as noted above, which also has a colorful, retro look (and random name). It'll be fine.

    And the retro Miami phase has been coming for a year or two now. I used to like the Brooklyn rustic look, but it was getting old.
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    Soft opening was Friday.    Regular hours to begin on Tuesday.sup
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    @tsarina stated to me this bar plays classic rock music and seems to have a tiki bar theme.
  • I love Tiki Drinks
  • That is really cute.
  • It is a stupid name  and I wager they will change it before long. Even though it looks like an energy drink logo, of course.
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    whynot_31 said:
    Sample menu, subject to change. "We will have a bigger kitchen and hope to serve more food than Bearded Lady". "We will have table service" image
    Just went here yesterday for the first time. Unfortunately, this previously posted sample menu is nowhere near the actual menu they went with. There are only about 5 items on their current food menu. Unfortunately as well, I didn't know this before I went, since neither their Facebook "website" nor their Yelp page had any indication of a food menu. That being said, the oyster happy hour is amazing! The oysters were some of the best I've had at any $1 happy hour. The drinks were okay. I'm not a big rum person, but I'd say the presentation was the highlight. My only big complaint (other than not having any ceviche), was that the music was so loud, I couldn't hear the person sitting next to me. No idea why the music needed to be that loud at 7pm on a Wednesday. I may go back when they open the back yard in a month. I'm sure they can't have music that loud outside.

    I've never been to Bearded Lady, so I don't know if 5 food menu items is technically "more food" than Bearded Lady. But hopefully they will expand the menu to something closer to the test menu shown above. That'll make this place more appealing. And when they say "we will have table service", I'm guessing they are still working on that, too. I had to go up to the bar to order food and oysters. The only person who came to the table was the bus boy to pick up the plates.
  • also all the beer comes in tiny ceramic fish-shaped vases that my boyfriend was not happy about
  • Alcohol is more profitable than food. They will likely only expand their food offerings once they think there is demand.

    ....the local community board has no ability to hold them to any statements they made about food at the time of their alcohol application.
  • From the owner:

    "We're certainly in the initial stages of our vision for the bar and are trying to add and improve both the service and the product on a daily basis... As far as food is concerned, both a ceviche and lobster/crab roll have been in development, and as with a few other items that we've run as specials, will roll out in the coming weeks/month as more staff and equipment allows the bar to do more, and do it smoothly... as with Bearded Lady we are trying to provide fresh, delicious and unusual varieties at price that isn't sky high... I've posted images of the menu on yelp and facebook (thanks for pointing out this oversight!!!)."

    I look forward to trying it again in a month or so to see the back yard and keep an eye for menu specials. Nice that they are following up and looking to improve constantly.
  • It seemed busy mid day today.

    ...a Monday.
  • Every time I've walked past it's either been busy or totally packed.  
  • Does anyone know if the back yard has opened?
  • I went here late on Saturday night. Oysters and nachos were awesome as always. Bartender said there's no current ETA on when the back yard will be open.
  • I love the branding of this place. Have you seen the bar coasters? Very cute. Can't wait to see the backyard. It must be huge. Otherwise, I don't know how anyone would walk into a dark, front-lit, low-ceiling retail space and think "Tiki Bar"
  • That place is awesome.  Hilarious that New Yorker is writing about it.
  • Has anyone noticed anything off about Super Power on Tuesday nights? A friend had a really weird run in with the bartender seems to think some illicit activity may be running out of the place.
  • I can't say I have been on a Tuesday night. Is it is a different bartender than the other nights?
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