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New Great Deli on Bedford!!!

The space on the SW corner of Bedford and Prospect Place will open in approx. three weeks. I talked to the owner a hour ago. There will be fresh, made to order Vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, Juice bar, meats and cheeses made locally and great organic and locally sourced fruits and veggies and farmers market outside on the weekend. Oh MY GOD!! The inside looks real good. Its coming along. and he has another store on Graham Ave. so he is already experienced shopkeeper. I have photos on my phone and will get them posted soon.!! Great News for us east of Franklin Ave!!!!!!! Oh and did I mention Craft Beers? I think the name will be bROOKlyn Love Deli. Don't hold me to it. and its a huge store!!


  • this is very good news- i was wondering what that place would be. would love to see your photos when you get the chance!

  • readers, we are discussing 1426 Bedford Avenue

  • and so here are the pics.

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  • okay, here is the count down. Things are starting to go on the shelves. Seven to ten days till opening. I have been invited to take pics when its almost ready!!!

  • okay this place opens up on Monday!! Here are some shots from inside.

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  • That does look fancy.

    In the photo on the left, is that a salad bar or a steam table?

    It would not surprise me if they stocked those fancy Carr's Crackers.

  • Carr's - One of the seven signs of the gentrification apocalypse (genpocalypse??)

  • not a salad bar. but currently has fancy cheeses. fully stocked by monday.

    Carrs will be the least of it, im sure.

  • Are we going to be offered olives that are not merely "black or green"?

  • Okay. went in tonight and the word is they are opening tomorrow morning. Damn the Veggies looked great. Purple Kale, Shitake Mushrooms, WOW! Great to have them in the neighborhood.

  • There is quite the assortment of olives, including the spanish olive salsa that was great. He will order whatever you want and is still stocking shelves. Lots of organic veggies.

  • Sounds yummy. He has clearly heeded the advice of the O'Jays

    I'll try to stop by this weekend sometime.

  • Is there good bread? I'd love it if I didn't have to go to union market for bread, olives, cheese, chanterelles, etc.

  • They had shitake, crimini etc mushrooms, good selection of cheese and bread.... I dont recall. They just opened so the deli counter isnt fully stocked until more people shop and get to know them. Stop by there and check it out. This is not such a crowded corner so I keep trying to promote them so they will prosper. And because Nostrand has very little in the way of better groceries.

  • If I were the owner, I would not be shy about promoting my business to the members of the Crown Heights North Assn.

    I'd want to people to remember my store as they purchased supplies for their upscale holiday parties.

  • this spot is awesome and not too expensive. theyre STILL in the process of stocking, but its nice to have them open. lots of organic veggies, gluten free stuff (really nice for folks with legitimate health issues, and i guess everybody else too), all the other bourgie stuff you'd expect. it looks like they're gonna have a bakery area and a deli area, neither of which are open yet. a great spot- would highly recommend it.

  • When I walked by today, they seemed to be making preparations for an awning.

    This place might have a name!

  • "brooklyn born minimart" is what the new signage says.

  • Attn future business owners of Crown Heights: please put some thought into your name. Thank you in advance.

  • It could be worse.


  • The deli counter is open. Had a great vegan sandwich.

  • The deli counter was run by these folks, and if I am reading this correctly, they have now pulled out of this locationSee post on Dec 21:
  • We went yesterday, on our way home from the Children's Museum. We failed to be impressed.The baked bread is the same stuff they have at Bob & Betty's. In other words, totally substandard. The produce doesn't look too bad, but there's nothing fancy or remarkable about it. There's nothing you won't find at Compare. The cheese selection is slightly better than at B&B's, but they lack gourmet staples like burrata that I can now even pick up at Key Foods. No olive bar, no barrel pickles, no fancy meats. In short, while it might be a boon for people living on Bedford, it presents no reason for us to go the several blocks out of our way. And to any would-be entrepreneurs reading this, know that Crown Heights is ripe for a Union Market-type establishment. We've got enough glorified bodegas already.
  • From their facebook - apparently the deli was pressuring them to incorporate real meat (?) Bizarre/mysterious...
    Monk's MeatsWe are sad to announce that we had to close down our deli counter at Brooklyn Born this morning. We wish the folks at Brooklyn Born the best of luck and we hope up in our own place in the near future. In the meantime, find us weekly at @smorgasburg #winterflea and at our grocery partners.Janet Gottlieb Then I'm glad I didn't make a special trip to get my Monks Meats seitan fix. Don't know what happened here, but Brooklyn Born is losing out on my and others' impulse purchases.Monk's Meats Thanks Janet! I'll just say that we here at monks take very seriously our commitment to being a veg/vegan business and the quality and integrity of our food. We don't mind coexisting with animal meats but we aren't going to serve them or mix them in with our productsJanet Gottlieb Why we <3 you: enjoying great vegan food without having to read the fine print.
  • Any business gets to decide it's own, but if Monk's Meats were the only ones behind the "meat counter" I understand why people would also want real meat served. I wonder if they were given the option to have a separate employee there to just serve (animal) meats or if they were contracted to be the only ones there.
  • Well now there is no meat counter. Based on my experience, there are a series of mistakes being made by this business. There's a market for their wares in the neighborhood, but I think they could be doing a lot better if they understood the possibilities.
  • I think this place is great! The guy who runs it is working hard to meet the needs of the local community. If you need anything he will stock it. Take a look at the prices for the organic produce... way cheaper than Compare (and others). So happy to have the minimart here!
  • Carr's - One of the seven signs of the gentrification apocalypse (genpocalypse??)

  • Is fresh vegetables and a lack of bullet proof plexi glass two others?
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