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Cheap Car Rental recommendation requested

Our car is in the garage (once again) and we need to rent a car for a few days or a week starting Sat. Which are the least expensive options in the area? Brooklyn, Manhattan etc. Thanks!


  • I used to rent frequently, and found that the Hertz locations on either Coney Island Ave or Atlantic Ave typically offer the best prices. Kias are the cheapest & they always offer 20% off with this discount code: 1261109

  • You might try looking at travel websites as well, though maybe there are too many companies around here to make that easy. Expedia, etc. When traveling in the US, I've sometimes gotten better prices booking through those than directly through the rental company.

  • We've used AllCar Rent a Car a few times and have found them to be affordable and helpful. They are in the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott (close to Borough Hall) and several other locations in BK.

    Good luck!

  • I think that all of the big rental companies offer better rates at the airport than at the in-city locations. You can get to them pretty easily at JFK, just take the LIRR from Atlantic to Jamaica and then take the Airtrain directly to the car rental location

  • If you don't mind spending some time picking it up, you could potentially save a ton of money getting a car from Westchester-- cars there can be like $25 a day.

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