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Christie's Patties gone?

Last week or so, I walked past Christie's Jamaican Patties and saw, happily, that their Health Department 'C' rating (that had been semi-hidden behind a sandwich board) was now replaced with a prominently located 'A' rating.Then today I walked past again and saw that the space has been vacated. Their tattered awning is still up, as is the 'A' rating, but most everything besides the counter has been stripped out from the inside. I recall a lot of discussion a while back about them likely losing their lease, but I thought that had been surmounted and they were going to stick around. Seems not...


  • NOOOOOooooOOOOOOOOoooooo!! So sad :-(
  • gone.
    Caribbean in Brooklyn, NY
  • This is such a bummer, maybe once the weather is nicer we do a pattie and doubles food-crawl (and certainly this could be coupled with a bar crawl if people like.) Over in CH or somewhere...
  • Re: pattie crawl, you could use this list (it's definitely not mine--I found it in the Christie's Yelp listing.)
    Here's is a some of my favorite West Indian restaurants in the city. I have been going to this spots for years. This places are simply Delish!!!
    The place was always busy when I walked by there, but there were many recent Yelp reviews talking about a decline in quality.
  • The first time I noticed that it was gone was just after New Year's.At the time there was a sign in the window that stated that Christie's would be reopening as a food truck and would be parking in the area (corners like Sterling and Flatbush, near the Q train, and along Vanderbilt). The sign disappeared soon after and I haven't seen any evidence of the truck yet.
  • I walked by last night (Friday) at about 6pm, and I noticed a big ol' Christie's food truck parked on Flatbush, just about in front of the old location.
  • Was it actually vending? Or just parked there?
  • I saw it parked out front from where the store was all day on Thursday and they were selling.
  • Countdown to this getting scooped by a blog or website without any credit given to brooklynian in 10..9...8...
  • It was open for business, and people were lined up in front of the truck to buy patties. Don't know what its schedule is going to be.
  • Press:
    Jamaican beef patty fans were crying into their golden-yellow crust after they learned that a legendary Prospect Heights patty shop shut down last week. Christie's Jamaican Patties, a beloved Caribbean food purveyor on Flatbush Ave., quietly closed its doors last week after nearly five decades in business.
    No patty place is going to be able to afford $9k a month in come the upscale franchises.
  • I noticed the other day that the For Rent signs were down from the windows of the former Christie's. I wonder who rented it out?

    My wife and I have our money down on Dunkin Donuts.
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    Turns out the Dunkin Donuts bet was wrong. It's going to be something called "Texano Tex-Mex Grill."

    Their Seamless page is already posted too, to give an idea of the menu. I'm largely unenthused on seeing this. Mozzarella in the enchiladas?

  • This place is west of Vanderbilt. Otherwise it would have been the 13th between Vanderbilt and Nostrand.
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