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Sidewalk plaques?

Anyone have an idea as to what these are called? I've tried googling sidewalk markers, sidewalk plaques, brass plates, and a few others I can't recall right now.




I've seen others over the years, some stating the sidewalk is the property of such and such. Do these have a specific name or is there something I could search for to find more info about them? Thanks!


  • Try "sidewalk stamps"

    Also try "pavement markers", and combinations of the two phrases. Also play around with "cement", "concrete" and "metal" using those phrases, and you should come up with something.
  • Thanks for that link! I kept finding references to it but the links didn't work. I found a link to a sidewalk stamp gallery on wikipedia but the website was down. I'll keep trying different combinations and see what I find.

    I spend so much of my time on the street looking up at all the great buildings that I forget to look down!
  • if you find some good pics of ones in NYC, post 'em here.
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