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Via DHMail:
Good day,

In your About Stuff boards, I think you should add a section on Brooklyn Shops


Atim Annette Oton
Calabar Imports
Thoughts on this?


  • Subject: Bklyn Shops

    I think the nade boards basically cover local shops and restaurants. Local business can post in classifieds, or sales, openings and events section. Keeps it clearer that way. Then a shop promoting it's own business doesn't get confused with a local giving an unbiased opinion.
  • I was thinking "Brooklyn Home" might be more along the lines of a good user-driven xpost board . . . people certainly already talk enough about contractors, hardware/furniture/designy housewares stores . . .

    speaking of, here's a perfect little guide to the Bklyn designy places, from
    Design Sponge

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