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Traveling with bike — Brooklynian

Traveling with bike

I'm about to get a new bike that I really want to take with me on a plane trip back to visit family. Does anyone have a bike box to use for this 1 hour plane ride? Also planning to go to Albany on the train (w/ bike) to ride the canal. Anyone done this before?

Thanks for any advice!


  • There's these huge canvas bags you can buy on canal street--get two--one for your frame and one for your wheels.

    As for taking bikes on the train, make sure to check if you need a permit. I bought one a couple years ago. It's $10 and doesn't expire, but if you don't have it you can be barred from bringing the bike on a train.
  • Canvas bags on Canal? Interesting. Do you know the specific area? I don't go to Canal much, so damn crazy busy there.

    I'm kind of hoping to get the bike on the plane without paying Jetblue the extra 50 bucks (each way!).

    Going to give Amtrak a call today to get the details.

    Thanks so much!
  • Why not ask your bike dealer how much it would cost to pre-ship the bike ahead of you? Co-Motion sells bike bags as well. I guess it depends how fast you need the bag.
  • I've seen them on Allen and Canal--but also check out performance bike or nashbar since I know they def sell something like that.

    Call JetBlue and ask their policy but I can promise you there will be a charge.
  • I have a bike suitcase from Co-Motion. Then again my bike has the ss couplers. The point being that if you can fit your bike in that suitcase then you can check it in as luggage.
  • Subject: Re: Traveling with bike

    poppy13 wrote: Does anyone have a bike box to use for this 1 hour plane ride?
    I had two bikes boxed by the bike shop on 7th avenue between 11-12 St at 30 dollars each. They will do it according to airline specifications for shipping. Don't go for a canvas bag, the airlines will just turn you away. Check out the baggage requirements on your airline's website.