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Hair Salon (wash/rollers/blow out a little) 4 Ethnic Hair

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I am loving to PH soon from Manhattan. I have very thick long "ethnic" hair that I usually get done at Dominican salons in Manhattan, as I find they can do my hair quite well (wash,rollers and blow dry out a little bit). I once went to a African American hair salon in the Village and, they wanted to use hot combs and grease. This wouldnt work for me.
Does anyway know of a good hair salon in the area for my kinda hair ? thanks


  • trust me, in PH, there are MANY MANY MANY ethnic hair salon options. you can walk down washington avenue or vanderbilt avenue and just pop your head in to any of the salons and if they're not to your liking, just keep walking. I'm guessing there's at least one in the nabe that does hair the way you'd like it done.
  • I recommend Bonita which is in Clinton Hill on Waverly Avenue between Greene and Lafayette. It's small, cheap and they do a good job. I also sometimes go to Anarise which is on Dean and 5th Avenue. They are also cheap and have been around for a while. The thing is that sometimes it feels like a factory in there. Many people...sometimes you have one person wash your hair, another dry it and someone else to blow it out and style. But I guess it's just crazy on weekends. During the week it's okay.
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