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New smileys...

Or is it "smilies"? :scratch:

There's even a smiley for the smiley haters: :ncool:


  • :safe: A condom head smiley?! :-)
  • :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :cheers: :thumleft: :thumleft: :thumleft:

    [Leroy Jenkins voice]Yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/Leroy Jenkins voice]:rambo:
  • Oooah I wanna play! :bounce:

    Hehehehe this one is awesome ---> :bigsmurf: Papa Smurf!

    Yeah , I'm baking a cake right now. :chef:

    Gotta log off before I forget and burn it. :tongue:
  • :cyclopsani: this one kind of freaks me out
  • :afro: Dolemite! Muthafuckja!
  • Ooo, love this one: :jocolor:

    And this one: :compress:

    Yay! :colors:
  • :safe: :batman: :puker: :puker: :puker: :cherry: :spiderman: :pukel: :smurfin: :smurf: :brilsmurf: :dwarf: :bigsmurf:
  • I just wish there were one of papa smurf puking.
  • Carnivore wrote: I just wish there were one of papa smurf puking.
    Yeeeah , and if he puked it would be blue right? Too bad , though.

    How about someone puking on top of Papa Smurf?


    ---Or , in a toilet next to Papa Smurf?


    ---Oooah! How about a smilie puking on another smilie while Papa Smurf just sits there grinning?

    :bigsmurf: image

    Eww , Carnivore , you so gross! :wink:
  • Oooh yeah baby ! I did end up beating Super Mario World , a freakin' while back , and here I just found this thing----> image

    Isn't it wonderful?!

    Yes it IS.
  • i think i use more smilies on this site than anyone :p. i love this new stuff. :dwarf: :bounce: :cheers:
  • You don't have to stick out your tongue like this anymore -> :p

    Ya know? Cuz there is an "Armchair smilie" now---> :tongue:

    But I guess that maybe you wouldn't be you without the original.

    Yeeeeah. :p
  • Is it me or did anyone notice that the cop smiley just stayed in the car and didn't move?

    :smurfin: :pukel:

    That's one bad date.
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