LOSING the anepressint weight gain............ — Brooklynian

LOSING the anepressint weight gain............

OK- after gaining 40 pound in 18 months on a antidepressant.

I am weaning off and desperately trying to lose the weight. I have a trainer and eat approx. 1400, calories s a day- and should be losing weight, but am not because I believe of the effect he antidepressant had on my body.

After much research on the web, I have found no information about if the antidepressant weight can be lost, or what to do to help this problem. All I have found is people who can not lose the weight.

Any information would be helpful.


  • When trying to loose that kind of weight, it's good to make a plan with your doctor. As for personal trainers, I've seen several at *my* gym (Crunch, ugh) that I would never consider using--I think you can basically buy the title of certified trainer, no genuine knowledge required. Be careful!

    As for the weight gained while on meds, I may be wrong about whatever you were taking but the reality is that it's generally not the medicine making your body gain weight. The side effects of the medicine make you change your behavior. You are likely more inactive and tons of medicines (some birth controls included) give you dry mouth. That leads to drinking more beverages and that can also lead you to having more snacks. Over such a long period of time that can add up to a LOT of weight.

    When counting calories, you have to make sure to count everything (drinks, candies, gum, sauces, etc.). Also, 1400 may be too low for your body--if your body isn't getting the calories it needs it basically goes into starvation mode and stores as much as possible. Eating a little more each day could help you drop weight if you're not getting enough.

    Talk to a doctor! Good luck!
  • Thanks for the reply. maybe I am eating too little. I am am pretty postive it was the medicine that cause the weight gain as I was putting on 2-3 pound a week, and I was more active after the medicine then before. Also I only drink water and soymilk ( in coffee) and do count all everything I eat. Its very depressing.

    I am really worried this weight may never come off!
  • Be patient! It took you a long time to gain the weight so it may take a while to loose it. I had boss dieting once and she was carefully eating x calories a day and exercising. After not loosing any weight in a month she went to her doc and he told her she wasn't getting enough calories. She upped it to what he suggested and started loosing weight. Until she told me about that, I had never thought about eating too little to loose weight.

    Since then, I've known other people to have the same problem and have even had it happen to myself.

    A doc might also help you make sure the calories you're getting are best for you.

    Like I said, give it time and I hope you don't get too frustrated :)
  • I've been a social worker, personal trainer and Yoga teacher for more than 20 years and have specialized in working with issues of depression, weight loss, body image and self-esteem. Weight Watchers is the best overall program out there for weight loss -- they teach you portion control, you eat from the full food spectrum, and the daily calorie intake varies slightly in accordance with several factors, which helps keep your metabolism from slowing down. An adequate amount of cardiovascular exercise (30 minutes, 4-5 times a week) within your target heart rate zone (a trainer can help you determine this) should be enough to keep you on track to losing weight; strength training helps you burn more calories as well (not only during exercise but lean muscle mass uses more calories at rest than does other tissue).

    In addition to those technical aspects, it is my personal and professional experience that there is a psychological and energetic component to weight loss. In depression, the free flow of energy in the system (physical and emotional) is contained. It can take a while for this aspect to start flowing -- when it does, there is a deeper experience of real emotion, creativity and sexuality. This is where the "fire" really starts to burn and if you are not prepared to deal with these energies, the system may find ways to shut down (e.g., gain weight again, become depressed again, etc.).

    In working on losing weight and experiencing yourself without depression, I suggest paying attention to the shift in your energy, how it affects you and what your response is to that. If you are in therapy, you can get support for this emerging awareness; body-oriented therapy is particularly good for this.

    A lot to consider! But I think you're in a great place to move forward now. I hope this was helpful. Good luck!
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