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Lemongrass Grill best Thai n Brklyn but no CrwHghts Delivery

Really Folks,
I know Thai. Must husband does too - lived in Thailand. LgG is great. They delivered to us once (at Franklin) but when we called for delivery again they said it was "too far" and the first delivery was a mistake. A real shame. We are missing out on some great Thai food in our neighborhood.
If you love Thai as we do, call the LgG and ask to speak with a manager and request service to Crown Heights !!! The beef satay is so suprisingly yummy by the way.....

Lemongrass Grill
61A 7th Ave, Brooklyn 11217
Btwn Berkeley & Lincoln Pl
Phone: 718-399-7100


  • We've had on and off luck with them coming to Washington Ave. But, lately we've been getting stuff from Picasso on 5th. They have no complaints about delevering here. Maybe you could give it a try.
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    I live in Clinton Hill and Mangothai left a menu which states free delivery so if they come all the way here from 7th ave,then I am sure they should deliver to Washington which is closer.
  • I actually like Mango a whole lot better than Lemongrass. I have never lived in Thailand, but I have eaten Thai food all over the city and I feel Mango is pretty tasty. Their green curry is actually Thai-spicy and not toned-down-for-Americans spicy. I don't know how far over they deliver, but I'm just past Washington, and they have never had a problem with that. And they're pretty fast.
  • I like Mango, too. But, man do they skimp on the rice. Try and see what Picasso says. Man, are they yummy and Thai-spicy too!
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