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Bowflex Home Gyms

Does anyone have any personal experience with Bowflex home gyms?

Testimonials or otherwise would be greatly appreciated.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  • We had one that was used for a short time and then proved to be a very useful thing to hang clothes on....

    If you're prepared to follow a routine and put the effort in, then it could be a good alternative to gym membership.... if, like my husband, you only use it a couple of times a year, then you won't see any benefits - and it's a lot harder to get rid of once it's built.

    CraigsList usually has a ton of 'em for sale, which doesn't say too much for their value as a fitness tool - but I guess it's down to individual discipline really.
  • The Bowflex works if you use it at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes. So do free weights.
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