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Glassblowing OPEN HOUSE - This Weekend

Scanlan Glass will be holding an open house today (Sunday December 9th), and then again next weekend (both Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th) from noon until 6pm.
It's warm and cozy in the studio, so come - bring your lunch and hang out and watch the ancient art of glassblowing.
There will be glassblowing demos (if the blowers aren't blowing don't be shy - ask them to make something fun!), refreshments, lots of beautiful handmade glass (bowls and vases, Christmas tree ornaments, etc.) for sale...
Come and learn more about glassblowing (and stock up on holiday gifts, too)!
Scanlan Glass is on 13th Street at 3rd Avenue - a few doors behind the Getty gas station.
I don't work at or for Scanlan Glass, but I do rent blow-time there and I think it's a great, welcoming, relaxed, wonderful place. I'll be there next weekend, probably on Saturday, and would love to take imaginative suggestions for things to (try to) make. Then maybe we can get Kevin (Scanlan) to show us how it's actually done!


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