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The Bikeshare Thread: 2014

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    A lot of those bugs have been worked out, but I expect those problems will still arise once the warm weather returns and usage increases.

    At present, the biggest problem may be financial in nature. They may have to increase prices...

    The financially troubled company running Citi Bike, the city’s bike rental program, is considering raising its rates so it can stay afloat, new Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said Thursday. "All options are on the table," Trottenberg said.
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    Well, there's also this...
    Many docks are often empty as the bike program pulls cycles out of the system.
    Seems it might be harder to find a bike in certain places in the winter than is currently advertised.
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    Someone invented a motor, that can be easily attached to the citibikes:
    If you've ever ridden a Citibike (or any similar bike-share bicycle) you know: those suckers are heavy. And, if you've ever ridden up anything near an incline, you know that heavy bikes absolutely suck on hills. Wouldn't it be great to just push a button instead?
    I suspect the motor eliminates any potential health gains.
  • 6.5 million rides. 0 deaths (or even life-threatening injuries).

    I can't think of a prediction that has been as far off as the prediction that bike share in NYC would lead to numerous deaths and major injuries.
  • I did fear the program's undoing would be a few deaths of photogenic tourists.

    It now seems finances are it's biggest concern:
  • I for the life of me can't figure out why they didn't think they'd have to redistribute the bikes throughout the day. Paris, London and DC in particular have had to do this. Citibike should have been paying more attention. I also don't understand why they didn't run power lines to the stations since it's my understanding they are powered exclusively by solar. Also they really should have a purchase option for a one way trip in addition to a day pass. The latter has stopped me from using Citibikes the few times I've found myself going from point A to point B in Manhattan without my bike or easy access to the subway.
  • I have friends who use Citibikes all the time.  They live in Manhattan, however.  Since I still need to get my monthly MetroCard, I haven't bit for CitiBike.

    It would be great if somehow there could be a package deal.  Get a MetroCard, and get (I don't know) 12 hours of bike time for X amount (a slight discount off of the two things combined.)

    I thought the organizers had worked out the redistribution logistics.  I guess not....
  • bkchickie Citibike is better at distribution then they were before. However signficant work still needs to be done
  • Not so sure about better distribution. They can't seem to get their act together in Brooklyn (indirectly supporting what @bkchickie says). The 5 least-used racks are all in Brooklyn.
    No wonder they’re losing money. Citi Bike planners put racks in desolate corners of Brooklyn — including one in the Navy Yard that is not even accessible to the general…
  • These Maps Show A Massive Gender Gap in Bicycle-Riding

    New data from bike-sharing services in NYC, Chicago, and Boston show us where — and when — the disparity is largest.

  • These Maps Show A Massive Gender Gap in Bicycle-Riding

    New data from bike-sharing services in NYC, Chicago, and Boston show us where — and when — the disparity is largest.

    That doesn't really surprise me.  If I'm dressed for a meeting, as a woman, it's likely that I'm wearing a slim skirt, pumps, my hair is just so, and I might even be wearing makeup.  Am I going to hop onto a Citibike looking like that?  Personally, my answer is no.  I wonder how far that goes to explain a gender gap in the bikes.
  • Yes, using a Citibike in NYC on a 80+ degree day with 100% humidity doesn't work for most women unless they can get off the bike, hit a shower and then prepare for their appointment. Its bad just walking in a suit on days like that. Add pumps, stocking and makeup and it becomes a disaster.
  • The part of "bike culture" documented by this video is decidely male:

    (warning: some of the language used is not appropriate for cubicle listening)
  • Read an article yesterday that some jerk weed from Connecticut is suing NYC for $60 million because they don't require that one wear a helmet when using a Citibike. Seems he crashed his bike (not into a car), fell and hit his head and lost his sense of taste and smell. So of course that's NYC's fault and he takes no blame for not wearing his own helmet.
  • This suit is kinda old news and most likely it won't go anywhere.

    While I wear a helmet it most car vs. cyclist collisions they don't actually make much difference. If you fall at low speeds (<12 MPH) and hit your head they'll help. But if a car plows into you at 30 MPH they'll be of no help.
  • Am I the only one who would like to meet @bkchickie as a result of her most recent comment?

    "slim skirt, pumps, my hair is just so, and I might even be wearing makeup"
  • Now, now, keep it together, Why_Not!
  • @bkchicke ;

    You can totally use a citibike like that. I see a great many women who do!  Just slow your pace to avoid sweating and you'll be fine. 

    Actually, bike share programs reduce the gender gap in cycling. 
  • Should we support bikeshare programs for that reason alone?
  • Years ago I was in Amsterdam in April, temp was just above freezing and I saw quite a few gals in skirts and four inch heels bicycling to work. I would think it's quite normal there as there's more bikes on the streets than cars. They also have a great network of trolleys.
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