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DJ Noble, Lincoln Place - Page 2 — Brooklynian

DJ Noble, Lincoln Place



  • Thank you @ezup my emotions got the best of me , but you said it best. To the others reading sorry for my outburst. But we need to fight this shit
  • @newguy88 ban me. Who cares ass hole
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    @DjNoble777 I'm not a mod; however one will be by shortly to ban you most likely. By the by you put a space between ass and hole hence misspelling it.
  • Did you know Dj Noble is a officer? Yeah. @Ezup your doing a good job staying calm, it's not a race thing. We love all race we just don't like racism and gentrification. Dj Noble ask that we work together as per his show
  • @DJNoble777:
    ; * to you sweet lady!

    And it's a sad time when a lady like myself, who moved here 17 years ago from Germany, has to feel the STRONG need to "back-up" my longtime neighbors against racist invaders who think they're still on some sort of crusade!..

    Blocking people with different views clearly shows ignorance.
    Ever wonder why it's the same sorry pool of ~10 people posting on brooklynian?
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    @DjNoble an officer in what exactly?

    @EZuP please review the rules "* Be nice. If you can't be nice, go to a different website. "Nice" does not mean kittens and rainbows. More like, "general level of civil decorum." It's OK to argue and disagree, and in fact we encourage it, but don't stoop to personal attacks, name calling, shouting wild generalizations like "YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF GENTRIFYING YUPPIES", or other childish behavior. We don’t care about anyone’s politics. Just their behavior on these boards." Many people on Brooklynian have differing views. Others post only occasionally when the mood strikes them.
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