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Pete Zaaz and Glass Shop (766 Classon) to close?


  • Noooo. Guess I know what I'm having dinner every day for the next few months.
  • I hope a reader finds out what is behind this.

    Was it unprofitable?

    Does one of the principals want to cash out?

    The above ad says there is 6 years left on the lease, so this isn't a problem that stems from the business not surviving a rent hike.
  • Fwiw: I asked one of the employees and he had no idea what I was talking about.
  • The employees may not yet be aware.

    ...I use sources that get info very early.
  • Sounds like cashing out to me.
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    Glass Shop is no big loss. There is better coffee served with significantly fewer grounds in the neighborhood. I never tried Pete Zaaz but I never got the whole "artisan" pizza thing. I'll take my slices plain or with pepperoni and/or sausage thank you very much.

    @whynot_31 @RandaIV In these sorts of situations employees are usually among the most effected and and the last to be told. 
  • Partnership not working out. Will gladly continue if partners are bought out!
  • Thanks Pete!

  • Dammit.  
  • We are not closing. Renovation of the glass shop. Merging concepts. Breakfast lunch and dinner
  • You found new partners?

    You resolved your differences?

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    An offline conversation revealed that Pete Zaaz Pizza will continue to be open evenings.

    The space formerly occupied by The Glass Shop (coffee) will become seating for Pete Zaaz's.

    The hours and menu will be expanded to include breakfast and lunch.
  • Awesome!! 
  • At least there's finally resolution to that space. We stopped going to Glass Shop because the hours got schizophrenic, as did the quality. Coffee shop seemed like an afterthought. Maybe making it all a single restaurant will give the storefronts some clarity.
  • This is hopefully good news.  They guys at Pete Zaaz are great.  The small space not so much.  Used to like Glass Shop, but weirdness was going on. Seemed they were always out of pastries/food or kept not getting deliveries (not sure if that was true, but what i was told).  So just stopped going. 
  • Total upgrade.  I'm sure Glasshop was cool -I never got a chance to try it-  But I really do like Pete Zaaz and would consider it more often if there was a place to sit and eat
  • Great news for Pete Zaaz! Glass shop used to be awesome, but went downhill when Frank left.

    Many morning regulars have switched to Lincoln Station.
  • I was a big fan of Glass Shop uder its first owner, Frank, who was the best barista around at the time. He had everything under control in coolness. Why else pay the high price?
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    Sorry, the divorce is back on. Pete Zaaz is being dissolved. Details:

    "So despite previous grand plans for expansion, both Entner and partners have decided to cut ties with the enterprise for good, meaning that there will be no promised waffle house/pizza bar in the old Glass Shop, and more regrettably, no PeteZaaz. With Entner back at the helm, the parlor is currently operating with a limited menu until the end of the month, before the entire business goes up for sale."

  • So Glass Shop will be totally dead this time? Last time I went in my freind and I were the only people there other than the barista and some workmen doing something in the back,
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    Once the Court Officer's Academy opens, I could see a non artisan pizza place working really well at this location.     The ovens are already there....

    I haven't seen an ad for the Glass Shop.
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    Too bad they couldn't work it out.  It sounded promising.  I agree the COA will make these 2 combined storefronts ripe for a casual eatery, or maybe an afterwork dim/divey bar (or is it too close to the church for full liquor license?). 
  • I was a big fan of Pete Zaaz the first couple years it opened. I liked the rotating menu, Pete was proud of his work, trying new things like cheesecake wontons. The last six to 12 months, they just don't have that same spirit. I'm very sorry it isn't going to work out and seemingly in its place comes the fancy pants pizza on Washington and Sterling. I think Pete is a dedicated restaurant entrepreneur and will open another project in the not too distant future. I hope it's somewhere nearby.
  • I hope that all of the partners financially did ok.
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    The Glass Shop portion will open as a sandwich shop on Oct 10th.

    New thread:

    The Pete Zaaz portion remains unsettled. The various investors/partners have not reached an agreement.
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