Preschool Open House - Sunday, June 29 12-2pm — Brooklynian

Preschool Open House - Sunday, June 29 12-2pm

Dear Parents,

Imagine a Preschool where children don’t want to miss a day.
They come in with a smile and leave humming a musical tune. Walking through the rooms, you can hear the sounds of lively learning, song and laughter.
Imagine a child who grows up with the warmth and spirit of Judaism, carrying the pride of their Jewish identity into their adult lives.

Introducing the Brownstone Gan Katan, an engaging, hands on new preschool. Founded on the belief that successful education is a result of exploration and creativity, the Gan invites the children to actively engage with their Jewish heritage through discussion, crafts, song and drama. Our warm and dynamic staff emphasize personal attention and care, ensuring the individualized success of each student.

At the Gan we understand that we are only as good as our teachers are. With that in mind, we cultivated a team of enthusiastic educators professionally trained to engage the children’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Amongst our warm and caring staff, students feel safe to explore, learn and grow.

Please consider this a personal invitation to join us at our brand new Brownstone Gan Katan Preschool Open House, this Sunday, June 29th between 12:00–2:00pm located at 664 Sterling Pl. off Franklin Ave. Its a great chance to visit our incredible indoor and outdoor space, meet our amazing staff and and answer any questions. Or just feel free to stop by and pick a complete info packet. 

Alternatively, to schedule a private tour, please contact me at or 347.787.6578 We look forward to seeing you and your precious little ones. 

Thank you to all the parents who already stopped by for a visit and enrolled, it was a pleasure meeting you all. 

Looking forward
Chaya & Feige
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