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Friends and Lovers, hot new place on Classon!!

Normally on a Monday night I'm either at a writing workshop, or at a
cafe working on a writing project. Since Friends & Lovers (641 Classon Ave.) is a block
or so from my place and it was another boring Monday, I decided to
check it out. I brought my work with me, expecting a calm, quiet, empty
place. I was completely blown away when I found myself dancing my a**
off ten minutes later, as if an overpowering, magnetic force had
hypnotized me, luring me into the back room where I sang old skool jamz
along with the amazingly talented, soon to be famous, Sly5thAve Jelly
Jam! The owners are cool as hell, the customers the type who discover
the newest, hippest spots long before the hipster types take over, and
the the charts! The lead singer's voice made me question my
sexuality. And did I mention the incredible selection of lubrication for
parched souls, the secret, enclosed backyard garden, and that the cover
charge was-FREE?! I had more fun here than I've ever had on a Friday
night! Check this place out now, because once 1000 Dean and Bergn open, this place will have a line down the block, and those of us who are "regulars" just might get called to the front of the line.


  • I second this.  Friends and Lovers is a super chill DIY space that gave me the excited sense that our neighborhood is finally bushwicking!  An excellent sign.

  • Finally Bushwicking? Please no thanks, this is already something original that is just a little rough cut.
  • Did someone here just coin that word?
  • What does 'Bushwicking' even mean? I haven't been out there since 2008 so I guess I'm just missing the appeal.
  • "Plastic wrapped and sealed tight with a beer coaster to match";  is a basic working definition.
  • I finally got to check out this place last night, I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of young local folk, cool music, great beers on tap. The decor is very low key, I think they focus on the music and bar scene more then say a date night crowd. I'll be returning.

  • Every single time I've been here, it has a different vibe, different crowd, different music; and I've had an incredible time no matter what. One night, there was a live reggae, and met a few rastafarians, another time a band was playing old school hits which made it impossible to just sit and drink; you HAD to get up and dance, another time, I got hit on by a couple of women before finally looking around and noticing there were very few (any?) men, and the vibe was cool as hell, and and last Saturday the place was packed with people checking out a band that was amazing. Never not had a great time here.
  • Is this thread just being used by someones marketing team?
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