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Relocating To Gowanus

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I was researching some areas of Brooklyn and am intrigued by all things Gowanus. I want to relocate to the area, move into the Gowanus Houses, swim in the Gowanus Canal, eat and drink at the Gowanus Yacht Club, and become immersed in the neighborhood and local culture. Any suggestions about moving to this neighborhood will be greatly appreciated.


  • Swimming in the Gowanus Canal could be fatal.  It is a federal Superfund site due to pollution from heavy metals and other unpleasant stuff.  You really don't want to swim there.
  • Naw, that's probably just a dead body son. You see when the mob kills someone they throw the body in the river.
  • I think Gowanus is in the Zone 1 flood area ... With that said swimming in the canal in 20 years from now once the Superfund cleans it up sounds fun! I can hardly wait.
  • Gowanus Houses is a NYCHA public housing project. Here's a link you can use to apply for public housing:

  • Here's a picture of a fish that was caught in the canal:

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    Here's a picture of a fish that was caught in the canal:

    I recommend a nice white wine sauce and serving that fish over antibiotic capsules.
  • Thats a start.

    However, antibiotics do not kill mercury, lead, and the various PCBs in the Gowanus.

    The problems go way beyond the stench.
  • This almost seems like a joke post, because the comment on canal swimming and the gowanus houses make it seem like this person hasn't "researched" anything.
  • Blinky is real.
  • "Blinky"?
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    Blinky is a species of fish that lives near the nuclear plant in The Simpsons.

    As you can see, it has three eyes.

    The same fish live in the Gowanus.

  • This post is surely from a troll as Mamacita has noticed as well.
  • A troll? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you! Maybe after swimming in the canal he'll contract a permanent chronic illness, be unable to work, go on public assistance, and be able to qualify for an apartment in the Gowanus Houses. 
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