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National Night Out

Locally the 71st Precinct (the office that handles community affairs) celebrated National Night Out this evening on Lincoln Road between Bedford and Flatbush Avenues.

I dropped in for the last half hour or so. There apparently was family friendly fun for all (including karaoke) and free food. (Dinner for me!) There were hot dogs and hamburgers, but there was also food catered from a local spot on Franklin Avenue. 

I recognized a couple of the officers who were handling the cookout portion because they came to tenant meetings in my apartment complex.

I also saw Laurie Cumbo and Richard Hurley.

It was nice and I hope this event helped to build good will in the community. :) 


  • The 77th Pct held their event in Brower Park tonight.

    I wasn't able to make it, but these are great events to leave Brooklynian cards at. time.

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