Did something go on on EP and Franklin today? — Brooklynian

Did something go on on EP and Franklin today?

A lot of police cars and people standing around, a couple of police cars driving up Franklin (against traffic), a helicopter flying low. Today around 6.15pm or so. I didn't see any ambulsnces. Anyone know anything?


  • Yes,  I was around for that too. I spoke with someone who said two guys with a gun were chased from another neighborhood and ended up on Franklin and Union. I did hear they were apprehended, thankfully. 
  • Thanks.... It sounded like the helicopter was further west; perhaps Bedford. Maybe that was where they were coming from.
  • I was coming out of the train station on Franklin when the two guys pass by me and the police behind them. Someone told me they got in the shuttle. 
    At first I thought they were in a hurry to catch the train until I saw the police running behind them and more police cars stopping in front of the station : /

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    This report states that as of 8/10/2014, there were 11 shooting incidents year to date in the 71st pct:


    When combined with this other incident this week, it looks like we are now up to 13: http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/comment/551951#Comment_551951

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