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Nostrand Organic Deli: New deli for Nostrand between bergen and st. marks

Walked by today and construction looks quite far along. The shelves and coolers were in place, and they were re-doing the sidewalk. The owner said "organic" when I asked what it was to become, but it remains to be seen whether he means hipster organic like pine tree and bob and betty's or generic catch-phrase organic like the signs that seem to be appearing above all new delis these days. 

631 Nostrand, where the 99 cent store used to be. 
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  • I walked past and saw construction too! It looked like it could be nice...
  • This is owned by the guy who owns the deli on that corner. I'll bet a nickel on the catch phrase "organic"variety.  something akin to the deli one block up next to bicycle roots or across from CT muffin.  Marginally cleaner but no big change.
    Lets hope I'm wrong but these guys dont have it in them to pull off a Pine tree or Bob and Betty. They have their gang o' guys hanging out in front of the store, and used the U.S. Variety store next door to the deli to sell lotto tickets and Du rags. 
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    Are these the guys hanging out?

    [Note the video below is not safe for work, and perhaps several other situations.  However, it was recently filmed on the blocks being discussed]

  • Gang o guys? Mischief makers?
  • Plus guy always on phone. What an odd, terrible and mercifully short video.
  • Do you think the presence of key and met foods scares off the fancy bodega possibilities for nostrand? I am always pining for a bob and Betty's on nostrand, but then I realize it would basically be a more curated met, with fancier cheeses and probably prosciutto. Which I would buy, and then go to the met to buy 5 boxes of Barilla pasta for $5. Could a pine tree type place survive when competing against two full scale supermarkets?
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    On Nostrand near Atlantic, I am not sure.

    But first, it may be helpful to think about how Bob and Betty's came to be.   For a long time, it operated as Fishers:  A small store sold very-run-of-the-mill groceries that met the means and preferences of the area.   In addition, the store survived due to its location. 

    Then the hospital complex came on line, filled with highly educated people approximately 27 years old and promptly gave birth to Compare Supermarket.   

    Fishers suddenly could not compete.    The means and preferences of the neighborhood had changed.   So, the owner went upscale and decided to sell a combination of craft beer, cheese and brightly lit fruit.    His location continues to be a major asset.

    Pine Tree's story is shorter, but also related:    It is the closest grocery store to the hospital complex, and grew out of a Korean market located nearby, Nam's.  

    Now, let's go back to Nostrand.    In my view the two best locations are not toward Atlantic; They are toward EP.    

    The two best small ones are presently occupied by Lula and the soon to open burrito place, because they are literally at the SBS stop.   

    The best large location?    The one formerly occupied by Triple S Market.    With a lot of investment, that location might be able to host a fancy grocery that does the business necessary to pay the rent increase that sent the Korean run Triple S packing.   It gets lots of foot traffic from the train and the SBS stop.

  • No, the Video guys are from Prospect Place. The St. Marks deli guys are from St. Marks. Strange how they don't get off their blocks much. Our gang o' guys aren't so much the mischief makers as  workin their corner stiffs and hangin out. Yes the phone guy - huge creativity.  I also like the stare into the middle distance and look concerned dude.  OY!
    Key food is uninspiring. Word is that Tony Fischer is looking to buy on Nostrand and has 3 buildings in his sights. Tony (sigh) I love him.
  • Yes, but when I last heard from him, he was not certain how he would use the property if and when he purchased it.

    As we are aware, many properties are being purchased on Nostrand only to be kept vacant as an investment to be resold in the future, or held until the time is right to develop.

  • 3brooklynianHere is the new awing of the Nostrand Organic Deli at 631 Nostrand Ave. I went in. You can buy expensive cookies. There is an impressive display of chips and candy. Your basic bodega, just a bit nicer and with a better awning. 
  • I cannot bring myself to go in.. And I call this place "The potato chip boutique" for the acres of Utz and other fine brands of chips visible from the big glass windows. 
  • I cannot bring myself to go in.. And I call this place "The potato chip boutique" for the acres of Utz and other fine brands of chips visible from the big glass windows. 
    LOL I love UTZ chips!! I'll visit soon :D

  • they have good intentions but the wall of organic chips is hysterical; missing the mark of what an organic store would need to pull me away from Key Food's organic selctions
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