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Television Show shooting on Eastern Parkway

"The Affair" on showtime is filming on Eastern Parkway between Classon and Bedford at St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf. They were creating snow today.  


  • Maybe it was the same crew, but they were also filming on 8th ave in PS and inside Prospect Park today.
  • My friend working on the crew said they are coming back on Thursday.
  • The NYPD had Union Street blocked off at Franklin Avenue going eastbound. I saw two huge trailer trucks turn from Union Street onto Franklin Avenue. I guess this is from the same show?
  • They were shooting today at the school for the deaf on EP.  Filming a scene in winter.  There was snow on the ground and cast was in heavy winter wear.  Pretty funny with how hot it was today..
  • Does anyone know if their permit allows them to shut down the Eastern Parkway pedestrian plaza? Thier PA made a totally non-committal attempt to stop me from running this afternoon. 
  • My kid got to play in the snow (in August!) yesterday- it was awesome. 
  • They typically have the right to stop you from walking by if they are about to shoot or shooting in that direction.  If the PA was non-committal it was because he was new or shy :)
  • They don't normally have the right to stop you; they can ask and you can comply, or not. I I mailed that the production assistants are encouraged to appear to have more authority than they actually possess.
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