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Interesting run in at Dean and Carlton

edited August 2014 in Prospect Heights
So I was coming home from Trader Joes and I was waiting for the light to change on Dean and Carlton with a cop next to me. When suddenly this guy in a silver Nissan SUV flies by, abruptly slams on his brakes, gets out and yells "Police! POLICE!" He keeps yelling so I tap on the cruiser's windows and point at the the guy when the cop looks at me. The officer rolls down his window and the guy explains he was rear ended and the guy who hit him was "trying to kill him." He repeats the "trying to kill him" part a few times. The guy was hyperventilating and seemed seconds away from having a heart attack. The Nissan did look like someone rear ended it. This rather large guy pulls up in a dark blue or black Chevy SUV  gets out and nonchalantly walks over. The guy who was hit says again "He's trying to kill me!" I didn't want to get in the middle so I left.

 A couple minutes later I hear a siren coming up  from behind me and an ambulance, with lights and sirens, was heading south on Washington. I'm not sure if they're related but I assume so. I'm curious did anyone else see how this ended? I kinda wish I stuck around now. 
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