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Free After School Program for Middle Schoolers

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Amplify, an educational technology company in DUMBO, is currently offering some exciting after-school opportunities for middle schoolers. At Amplify, we think of students as junior designers. We are seeking student partners to share their insight and unique perspective on products we develop. We have many programs starting this fall. This is a great option for students looking for enrichment experiences. 


We are currently offering a 3-day Quest program running from September 16th-18th, Tuesday - Thursday from 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm for 7th and 8th grade studentsThe Quest participants will have the opportunity to learn about the American Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence. Using the Declare Yourself! application, participants will learn about events leading up to Declaration of Independence, role play one of the historical figures, read the primary documents, and write argumentative essays. This will be a great learning opportunity for your students.

Students are compensated for their participation in the form of Amazon gift cards.

Check out or email for more information. 

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